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Buy Nervigesic 150 A variety of electromagnetic medical devices, including magnetotherapeutic, electrotherapeutic, and magnetic medical devices, have been developed to treat a wide range of injuries, tumors, and infections!.

Nervigesic 150 can be used with static, pulsed, or time-varying fields!.

Some of these non-invasive devices have been proven to be highly effective in certain applications over the years!.

These include bone repair, pain relief, and treatment for viral and autoimmune diseases (including HIV)!.

They have not been widely accepted in clinical practice!.

The reason for resistance among practitioners is largely due to confusion about the various modalities and the many frequencies used (from ELF, microwave, and others) as well as a lack of knowledge of biomechanics!.

According to current scientific research, the most effective form of electromagnetic therapy is short-term exposure to pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF)!.

The anticoagulation system is activated and the threshold for pain sensitivity increases with magnetotherapy!.

PEMF treatment stimulates the production of opioids, activates Merkel cells, Langerhans’, mast cells, and promotes vacuolization in the sarcoplasmic retina!.

It also increases the electric potential of muscular fibers!.

PEMF treatment is used to repair long bone fractures that have not merged in the past 4 months to 4 years. PEMF treatment can be done every 14-16 hours!.

FDA approval has been granted to several of these devices!.

The FDA approved PEMF with a 1.5- or 5-mT field strength. This proved to be helpful in reducing pain and edema before or after surgery!.

Studies and clinical experience with PEMF support the introduction of PEMF treatments in clinical practice!.

How To Work

Research has been conducted to discover the basic mechanism of action for treating bone disease, nerve and ligament injury, pain, and inflammation!.

Nervigesic 300 studies focused on modulating membrane transport activity, the effects of small changes on metabolism, cAMP levels and stimulation of mRNA, protein synthesis!.

Only a few combinations of EMF parameters can stimulate cellular activity!.

These field characteristics can have opposite effects. PEMF increased amino acid uptake by approximately 45% for 15 to 360 minutes!.

The uptake of AIB decreased gradually, but it was still significantly higher in exposed skin after 6 hours than in controls!.

Comparative comparison of PEMF’s effect on transmembrane energy transport enzymes after 2 hours!.

This allows energy coupling and transduction from absorbed resonant PEMF into transport work!.

Since 1990, EMFs have been studied in Italy to determine the effects on animals’ responses to adverse environmental stimuli!.

ELFs were found to reduce the brain mu opiate receptor density by 30% in pigeons and decrease pain perception!.

Canadian researchers found similar results in snails and mice exposed to different types of MFs!.

Healthy humans were exposed for 2 hours to MFs. This resulted in a reduction of pain perception and decreased brain-related pain signals!.

The sinusoidal 100 HzMF treatment was shown to have therapeutic and analgesic effects. This is supported by biophysical evidence in cell cultures and guineapigs!.

The pain relief benefit was supported by biochemical changes in the blood of patients who were treated!.

How to Use

Multiple magnetic fields of different characteristics have been found to decrease pain inhibition (i.e. analgesia in a variety of animals, including mice, land snails, and pigeons as well as humans!.

Exogenous opiates such as morphine and ELF magnetic fields at 0.5 Hz, 60 Hz ELF magnetic field, and MRI resulted in reduced analgesia. morphine and endogenous opioids Stress-induced!.

Stress-induced analgesia may be reduced by exposing animals both to different magnetic fields and after a brief stay in a near-zero magnetic field!.

This means that the magnetic field can be reduced just as much as other environmental factors, such. Temperature or gravity) can cause changes in physiology and behavior!.

Different electromagnetic fields (EMFs) were applied to animals, including fish, birds, mammals, cats, dogs, and humans!.

They were used to treat the head and extremities of rodents, birds, mammals, cats, rats, mice, cats, rabbits, and other species!.

Nervigesic exposures lasted from one to sixty minutes with intervals ranging from several minutes to several hours. Psychophysiological, behavioral, and electrophysiological methods were used to study brain reactions!.

These reactions were compared with those elicited by standard stimuli (light or sound) and then analyzed by histological, psychophysiological, and behavioral methods!.

Multiyear studies revealed a non-specific initial reaction (NSIR), of the brain to different EMFs. EMF-induced brain function changes were considered “modulatory”!.


Nervigesic manifested themselves in a higher probability of sensory reactions to EMF exposures than to sham exposures!.

Sensory reactions included a feeling of pressure, tickling, and pain. Pregarica were all mediated by the body’s sensory systems!.

Local anesthesia could prevent reactions. EEG responses are an enhancement of low-frequency rhythms and were especially pronounced after radiation or mechanical brain damage!.

Cell analysis revealed that EMFs are reacted to all types of cells, including neurons, glia, and vascular wall cells. Astroglial cells, however, were the most sensitive!.

It is well-known that memory processes and slow EEG activity may be responsible for the function of astrocytes!.


Chronic pain can be accompanied by or result from reduced circulation or perfusion to affected tissues. This could include intermittent claudication or cardiac angina!.

Nervigesic have shown that PEMFs can improve circulation. Infrared radiation to the skin increases because of increased cerebral blood flow and vasodilation in animals with low-frequency fields!.

Also, pain syndromes such as muscle tension and neuralgia are less common!.

Another group with more than 20 years of experience in using electromagnetic or magnetic fields (EMFs) to treat approximately 1500 patients suffering from trauma, musculoskeletal disease, circulatory problems, and other issues!.

Nervigesic used various types of magnetic devices from Eastern Europe such as static magnetic fields (SMF), sinusoidal, or PEMF extremely low-frequency fields (ELF-EMF), and extremely high-frequency EMFs (EHF EMFs) with field strengths ranging from 1-40mT!.

The treatments lasted between 20-30 minutes per day and lasted for up to 5-8 hours per day for 3-4 weeks!.

The treatments were anti-painful, anti-edema, and anti-inflammatory!.

They also had macro-, micro-, and microcirculation benefits!.

Nervigesic treatment’s results depended on both the parameters and the individual sensitivity of each organism!.

Miss dose

The frequencies and waveforms of PEMFs are very varied!.

They can also vary in their duty cycles, harmonics, and frequency. Ultra-low frequency PEMFs are the best for clinical use!.


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