Build a Successful Content Strategy Using SERP Features

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They say invest in content because content can make or break your efforts. Have you ever imagined how a search engine works? Isn’t it amazing that you search for something and within a millisecond, it loads up endless relevant results? How could this happen and how do SEO Agency in India give their inputs?

Every website wants to be on the top of SERP results for a relevant search query. But it’s not that easy. It requires the support of the best SEO services to win the battle.

Once you hire the best SEO Company, the half battle is already won. And for the rest, you need to stick to a certain plan.

You can build a rock-solid content strategy to engage with the audience easily. SERP features work on the same; they are designed to provide users with the most relevant answers to their questions and they are aligned to represent the information in the best possible manner.

Get a list of the most common SERP features used on Google

  1.   Featured snippets
  2.   Reviews
  3.   Videos
  4.   Related questions
  5.   Detailed article

Such SERP features have a different nature with the buyers’ search and purchase journey. So it could be divided into three phases, called awareness phase, consideration, and decision phase.

In each of these phases, buyers’ natures remain different. Let’s compare them all in this table.

  Awareness Consideration Decision
Featured Snippets Gives answers to the asked questions in a concise manner. It simply shares answers to every “why is” question and also provides definitions. Snippets are prepared for lists or bullet points instead of straight definitions. It has a comparison rather than paragraph structure. At this phase, they already have made up a concrete decision of purchase.
Reviews Visitors go through the videos, images, texts, and other sorts of content at this phase. They go through product or service reviews which indicate that they are actively searching for product or service reviews. It’s time to make a purchase decision which will be based on product or service reviews of that particular product.
Videos “How to” videos and FAQ videos indicate a good scope at this stage. In this phase, videos explain why any service or product is a good solution to deal with audiences’ problems. Customers have already passed through both of the initial stages to get enough information about products or services.
Related questions When any questions or search queries start with “what is” and “how-to”, they align with the awareness stage. Every “why” question and other technical questions are usually asked in this phase. Questions like the “best solution” and “most practical solution” are considered as buyers’ transition from consideration to the decision phase.

Apart from this table, there is a knowledge graph, people may ask, and long content to monitor buyers’ explore and purchase behavior.

Final thought,

Take a deeper insight into SERP features along with the SEO agency in India to improve your content strategy and beat your competitors.  

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