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A licensed or authorized company to charge a fee to facilitate a variety of financial and investment services is known as a Brokerage house. Brokerage firms enable investors to buy and sell publicly traded securities such as stocks and bonds through their stockbrokers. This company usually employs brokers who carry out the clients’ desires in terms of stock trading, acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. A transaction fee is levied every time an investor purchases a stock. Thus, a brokerage house is also known as a ‘brokerage firm.’


The primary function of a brokerage firm is to act as a middleman between buyers and sellers to facilitate a transaction, providing a trading platform. Brokerage firms are typically compensated through commissions or fees charged after a transaction has been completed successfully. Nowadays, these can be paid for by either the exchange or the customer or both.



Following are the responsibilities of brokerage houses/brokers:


  • Brokerage houses/brokers must abide by the conditions of the agreement signed between the investor and them on the “Account Opening Form.”


  • Investors must be provided with a set of rules/regulations by brokerage houses/brokers.


  • Brokerage firms and brokers are required by law to follow a code of conduct.


  • Investors must get trade confirmations from brokerage houses/brokers within 24 hours after trade execution.


  • Brokerage firms/brokers are not permitted to accept deposits with a predetermined rate of return.



When it comes to selecting a brokerage firm, investors have a variety of options. The services a person requires are determined by their level of market knowledge, sophistication, risk tolerance, and confidence in entrusting their money to others.


  • Full-service brokerage: A full-service brokerage firm employs a professional financial adviser who oversees all investment decisions and provides continuous guidance and support. With their high-touch services, such brokerages are the most expensive alternative.


  • Discount brokerages: Discount brokerages used to be brick-and-mortar businesses, but they are now primarily online platforms that allow do-it-yourself (or self-directed) investors to make their own trading decisions while paying fewer commissions. There has recently been a push for zero trading commissions for ETFs or even all products on various self-directed online platforms. In addition, these brokerage firms may advertise inexpensive flat costs for television, internet, and radio advertising trades.


  • Robo-advisors: Robo-advisors, or automated investment advice platforms, are a relatively new type of digital financial advisor that provides low-cost investment management services carried out by algorithms with minimum human participation. Several Robo-advisors have no commissions or costs, and in many cases, you may start with as little as $5.



It is also crucial to understand whether your broker is linked with a few companies or may sell you a wide variety of options. You could also inquire about if they adhere to the fiduciary or suitability requirement.

Independent Brokerage

Independent brokerages are not linked with any mutual fund company, yet they operate similarly as a full-service brokerage. Because they are not linked to a single corporation, these brokers can usually recommend and sell items that are more likely to be in their clients’ best interests. The most frequent sort of independent broker today is a registered investment advisor (RIA). They must adhere to the fiduciary standard, which means they must only recommend assets in the client’s best interests, not their own (meaning, a fund with an outstanding commission for the broker who sells it). It’s preferable to work with an advisor that adheres to the fiduciary standard rather than the less stringent appropriateness criterion.


Captive Brokerage

Captive brokerages are tied to a particular mutual fund or insurance business, and they have agreements with specific suppliers to market only their goods. These brokers are responsible for recommending and selling the joint or insurance company’s products. When compared to other solutions, such items may not be in the client’s best interest.



Following are some of the well-known Brokerage houses in Karachi.


  1. Topline Securities

Topline Securities is one of Pakistan’s most rapidly expanding brokerage firms. In terms of equity broking, Topline is one of Pakistan’s largest brokers. In terms of foreign flows, it has one of the most significant market shares in Pakistan. Topline Securities is active in commodity trading, advising, and investment banking, in addition to equity brokerage and research.



Head Office: 8th Floor, Horizon Tower, Plot # 2/6, Block-3, Clifton, Karachi.

Contact Details:

Telephone: +9221-35303330-2

Fax: +9221-35303349


  1. RT Securities Limited
  • RTSL is Trading Right Entitlement Certificate (TREC K-183) Holder of the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited.
  • It is a licensed securities broker duly registered with SECP.
  • Their company is a Corporate Member of the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange Limited (MEM-057).

3.Intermarket Securities Limited

IMS is a market-leading full-service brokerage platform that provides trade execution and settlement, investment banking and consulting services, and stocks and economic research.


Intermarket Securities Limited.

5th floor, Bahria Complex IV Ext Block, ChaudryKhaliquzzaman Road, Gizri, Karachi.


Contact Details:

Telephone: +92 -111-IMS-000 (467)


  1. Standard Capital Securities



  1. I. Chundrigar road, Karachi.

Contact Details:

Telephone: 0321 8296919


  1. AKD Securities Limited

TREC Holder: Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited

Registered Broker: Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan



Tariq Adam, Director, Head of Equity Operations

529, 533-534, 5th Floor Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange Road, Karachi, Pakistan.

Contact Details:

Telephone: +92(21) 32446611, 32426652-3

Fax: +92(21) 32426429



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