Bring Back Your Motivation To Study In 10 Simple Steps

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As a student struggling to keep up with the immense academic pressure while staying on top of the game, it can be exhausting to find the motivation to study. Furthermore, when you rest or take a break from studies, negative thoughts amplify and cause excessive distress.


“Am I doing enough to score a good grade?”


“I know I should study, but I don’t want to. Is this wrong?”


“Will I fail if I continue like this?”


“Should I just call it a day and spend my money on MBA assignment writers services?”


The fear that these questions instil in your mind would alleviate and make it more challenging to find any motivation to continue your studies.


In such moments, it becomes crucial to identify the reasons behind this lack of motivation and figure out ways to improve your situation.


Why Do Students Lose Their Motivation To Study?





Various factors contribute to the lack of motivation when it comes to studying. Some of the growing concerns are:


  1. No interest in the subject


This reason has plagued students who take up majors in subjects on their parents’ wishes. It is impossible to find any motivation to study when you do not like or are interested in the topic you’re learning.


  1. No tangible end goal to strive for


Having a goal to look forward to can give students motivation and a sense of accomplishment. However, it is easier for students to lose their interest and motivation to study without such goals.


  1. Inability of teachers to captivate


Teachers are the treasure trove of knowledge and can turn a boring history lesson into the most exciting class you have taken in your life. But, unfortunately, teaching is an art that not many people have the talent for. Hence, if you have a professor who cannot teach properly, you’d lose your motivation faster than you can say “History.”


  1. Experiencing burnouts


Many students who depend on nursing assignment help services admit they have no option due to the extreme burnout from assignment stress. At some point, this burnout becomes an important reason behind students losing their will to study.


  1. Inappropriate learning environments


If you do not have a proper learning environment where you feel comfortable studying, it would be extremely challenging to bring back the motivation. A lack of adequate lighting, constant screeching noises, fluctuating temperatures all contribute to this effect.


10 Helpful Tips To Bring Back Your Lost Motivation




Pushing yourself up to study and then checking social media two minutes later is an ongoing struggle among students worldwide. However, all you need is a little push in the right direction, and you can find the perfect motivation strategy to solve your problems.


  1. Face that you’re struggling to study


The most crucial step in solving any problem is to admit that you’re struggling in the first place. Students who have always been at the top of their game but have trouble concentrating on their studies out of the blue are the ones who have the most challenging time accepting their situation.


However, there is courage in admitting you need help. As soon as you overcome this hurdle, you’d be able to move forward with the solutions to increase your motivation to study.


  1. Adopt the Pomodoro technique


Many experts suggest the Pomodoro technique for any person having trouble concentrating on their studies. Scientific studies show that the average human concentration lasts for about 25-30 minutes. Hence, this technique utilises this information to provide three simple steps:


  • Study for 25 minutes
  • Take a 5-10 minutes break
  • Repeat again


Researchers have observed that students using the Pomodoro technique for studies know how to pace themselves and show an increased interest in their studies.


  1. Use a social media app blocker 


Generally, the study scene for most students is something similar to:


  • Open the books
  • Read two sentences
  • Open Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube
  • Spend the next half an hour mindlessly scrolling through social media
  • Read two sentences again
  • Repeat


The allure to check up on your page, see what your friends are doing and browse through some Instagram Reels can be tempting. But the only way to bring back your motivation is to block these apps temporarily while studying.


  1. Download free concentration apps


There are many free apps on the PlayStore and Apple app store that you can download to help you improve your concentration in studies. You can set a timer and plug in your headphones to study with soothing immersive background music.


  1. Avoid blaming yourself for procrastination


If you have a procrastination habit, it would be challenging to expect yourself to snap out of it immediately. Therefore, blaming yourself for slipping into procrastinating tendencies would not give you the best results. Instead, be patient with yourself and allow some time to improve.


  1. Avoid multi-tasking


In the case of multi-tasking, it is impossible to give your total concentration on one task. Hence, you’re more likely to end up with poor results, further lowering your interest in studies. So instead, try to take up one topic or chapter at a time and complete it before moving on to the next one.


  1. Prepare a schedule 


You can lose your motivation to study when you have a mountain of assignments to take care of. However, a schedule helps you stay on track with your studies and homework, ensuring that you make the most use of your time.


  1. Seek professional help


Millions of students worldwide have to tackle anxiety and depression with no one to depend upon. But there is no shame in seeking professional help when you feel demotivated to study due to these negative emotions. Hence, talking to a student counsellor or therapist might help clarify your situation and make it easier to focus on your studies.


  1. Find the right spot to study


Unless you are in a comfortable environment, it makes it difficult to focus on your studies. A quiet surrounding with no one to interrupt you would be the most ideal for bringing back your motivation to study. Hence, many students prefer to learn in the peaceful, quiet atmosphere of libraries.


  1. Start with the basics


Moving on to more complex topics without understanding the basics is another reason students experience a growing sense of demotivation in their studies. For example, you cannot expect to understand trigonometry if you have no clue about the simple functions of addition and subtraction.


Hence, once you clear your basics, the complex topics become more straightforward, and you can get back your lost motivation.


Summing it up,


The stress you have to go through during your academic years can become overwhelming and make you lose the motivation to study. However, it is not the end of the world. If you think of it as something akin to writer’s block, you’ll realise that the power to overcome this slump lies within yourself. Hence, with the help of these ten tips, you are sure to find your motivation to study once again.


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