Best Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

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ED or Erectile dysfunction is now a very normal problem. But after experiencing any symptom, you should visit your physician. According to the research, about 30 million of men in United States are affected by this sexual disorder. Erectile dysfunction defined as difficulties in erection when you are in bed.



Normal treatment for cure erectile Dysfunction include some prescription medications like  Sildenafil Cenforce 100Fildena 100 PillsTadalafil Vidalista 20, Kamagra, Cenforce, Malegra, Silagra, Suhagra etc. sometime implants, surgery, and vacuum pumps become important due to eliminate the serious cause of ED.


Although it is not uncommon for people to have some problems with ejaculation, it is not normal if it occurs regularly during sex, and it needs treatment.

ED can happen:

  • Most often when blood flow in the penis is limited or nerves are harmed
  • Most of the symptoms of ED occur when blood flow is limited to the penis or nerve system cannot work normal.
  • Due to stress, hectic life style and emotional reasons
  • There are some serious illnesses like atherosclerosis, high or low blood pressure, heart disease, Diabetes etc.

Finding the proper cause of ED will help you to get the proper treatment.

Here are some common causes of erectile dysfunction mentioned below:

Low Testosterone

One in three ED sufferers has low testosterone. Naturally, this hormones present in human body and fuels sex drive of a man. So if testosterone level become low, it has the ability to low the man’s sexual ability and leads to ED. Improving testosterone levels through therapy and treatment means treating erectile dysfunction indirectly. Sometime improved diet and proper exercise can enhance testosterone level in body.


Traumatic Brain Injury

We all know that all things of human body are controlled by brain. If the brain gets injured, it stops messaging to control other organ of the body.  Penis is not different from this. Traumatic brain injuries, trauma to the nervous and spine system, it often impact on men sexual ability to get or maintain erection. This is main symptom of ED. In this situation, most of the doctors recommend the therapy and medication, by which this symptom can be cured properly.

Trauma to the Pelvic Area                                                     

Trauma to the pelvic area or penis may interrupt the blood supply in penis or other sex organ of men. Erectile dysfunction which occurs due to the pelvic or perineal trauma can be treated with surgical strategy for revascularization of the blood.

Vascular Disease

Vascular diseases are also one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction that it can reduce the blood flow to the sex organ. 50 to 70% of men having the erectile dysfunction are suffering from the poor blood flow or vascular diseases. There are various treatment and medication available for this disease which is also highly effective in eliminating ED. lifestyle changes and quitting bad habit including alcohol consumption, smoking can be suggested by the doctor during the treatment for eliminating the vascular diseases.

Underlying Conditions

Erectile dysfunction or ED can be symptom of other another health condition. High blood pressure, HIV, nerve damage, high diabetes, cancer, and clogged blood vessels are all the cause of the erectile dysfunction. But this problem can be treated with thorough treatment, some it needs surgery or therapy.

There are different contributing factors for erectile dysfunction, so there are also variety of ways to treating the problem. Health condition and medical history may fix which treatment can work for you.

Sexual or couples therapy (Counseling)

It stress, anxiety, depression are creating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, you can get the therapy the therapy from counselor or therapist. It is extremly helpful for enhancing the sexual interest and improves sexual performance. You can learn some effective tool from internet your stress.


Acupuncture is extremly effective ancient Chinese technique for removing stress. It involves inserting very thin, metal needles painlessly at some specific points in the fore removing stress, tension, anxiety and stimulate energy flow.

Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins and supplements also used to treating the erectile dysfunction for long time. Some time doctors prefer to prescribe vitamin or natural supplement than medicine that including DHEA or Dehydroepiandrosterone, Ginseng, Yohimbe, Horny Goat Weed etc.

Lifestyle Changes

There are lots of personal habits and improper lifestyles are connected with increasing the symptom of Erectile Dysfunction. Many of the lifestyle factors may enhance the sexual problems in human body and they loss the interest. Not only ED, it may affect our well beings and overall health. Everyone can change those habits easily. By addressing and reducing such habits, you can decrease the chances of ED.

  • Stop smoking
  • Reduce alcohol consumption
  • Stop excessive use of caffeine
  • Get better sleep
  • Exercise more, including Kegel exercises
  • Meditation

Food and Diet

Obesity, improper blood circulation and vascular health are often contributors to erectile dysfunction or impotence. According to the result, many people make changes to their food habit to alleviate the symptoms of ED and it helps to get the consistent erections

But the question is that what type of food help to reduce the symptom of Ed. Unhealthy fats, low sugar and high saturated diet can exacerbate this sexual disorder and stop to clogging up arteries as well as lowering testosterone in the body.

Reduce extra weight:


The trim and slim body always helps to defense various problem of the body including ED. Research shows that, there is 50% chances to get ED or other sexual disorder for a man with excessive weight than man with 32-inch waist. Obesity is one of the main reasons of erectile dysfunction. So it is verified that losing extra weight can allow you to fight against the sexual disorder. So obtaining the healthy weight and staying in slim is a good strategy for fixing ED or other sexual problem. Not only that, obesity raises the risks of vascular disease, kidney problem, liver problem, diabetes.




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