Best Monsoon Wedding Ideas

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3 Best Monsoon Wedding Ideas

If there is an estimate of the most romantic season this year, we believe that the majority will turn to the rainy season “The Monsoon “. So, to immortalize the film, the gray sky and a pit of rain add to the cycling power of the season. So, if you are planning your big wedding during this period, the rainy season will give you a lot of inspiration to make your wedding deceptive, full of romance. Here are 3 ideas to make your mousse wedding the most romantic big wedding by wedding designers to plan a beautiful destination wedding in Jaipur, Udaipur, Delhi, Jodhpur, Pushkar, etc.

Monsoon Wedding Ideas

3 Ideas That Will Help You Plan Your Grand Monsoon’s Wedding:

  • Under your umbrella
  • Pitch a tent
  • Make It Hot, Fresh, Hot
  • Water down
  • Diva Rain

Under your umbrella

You know that the rainy season has come, in full glory, when the umbrella comes out in full screen. And, in your wedding, you can use it as props to add a touch of fantasy. You can choose a conscious color if you aim to see elegance or you can go out and embrace pink and oranges that dare to highlight the decoration of the umbrella. You can also use the umbrella canopy for the large entrance to distinguish it.

Put a tent

When choosing a place for a rainy season wedding, most people avoid choosing an outdoor space. In fact, the Monsoon is the best time to choose from room to room and enjoy the cool natural wind, the scent of the pleasant rain and of course the occasional shower is meant to lift the Spirit!

To use it, you can have your decorator build a waterproof tent to accommodate your guests. And this does not have to be an ordinary scene. You can use the shed curtain and the lights that flash in bright colors to complete and stand out the weather!

Make it hot, fresh, and hot

In the weather outside, it makes sense to serve your guests during the wedding. As a starter, you can present a cup of hot chai and pakoras – the perfect combination for this season. Don’t forget the hot chocolate for young and old! You can also have jalebi, parathas, samosa and chaats so that your wedding is the only problem of the monsoons. This classic monsoon treatment ensures that the guests enjoy your wedding with monsoon wedding ideas to the fullest.

If you have any idea how to make a more beautiful monsoon wedding, share it with the best wedding designers in Jaipur! Here are some monsoon wedding ideas for fancy wedding favors.

Water it

Embrace water elements for your wedding with the monsoons, because they will add to the beauty of your wedding. You can plan your wedding in a natural environment with fertile green grass and water body nearby. Or you can re-create wonders in the city by building intricate waterfalls at your resort wedding. If you are looking for a unique piece, you can have decoration details such as a string or a paper bird around the wedding. For aristocratic shades, you can go for ornaments such as crystal plants that you can fill with water and petals or with shiny candles.

Rain Diva

Monsun’s wedding cannot be considered complete if the bride and groom do not look like the rain god himself. You can add different colors of monsoons to your clothes for that day. Silver Lehengas with spacious and transparent dupattas. Or Sherwanis in wonderful gray will look perfect. If you want to keep the traditional colors, you can go for a beautiful color screen during this period – fertile green, yellow – to complete the wedding of the rainy season.

While everyone is going for summer or winter weddings in India, you can choose to stand out from the crowd and go for an impressive seasonal wedding. If you have an idea how to make a more beautiful monsoon wedding, share it with the best wedding planners in Jaipur! Here are some ideas for unusual wedding gifts.


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