Best exercises for biceps

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The bicep is a muscle and there are only four exercises for it. It is used to resist the weight, and in fact, every movement of the human body, including breathing and movement, is an exercise for the bicep.

When the bicep moves, a muscular tension is generated, this generated tension is released as a small contraction at the end of the bicep. It is the bicep that does the actual work in building up the arm, not the triceps.

Four Most Effective Exercises For Biceps

This article will focus on the four most Best exercises for the biceps. These are also the 4 fundamental bicep exercises. These are the:-

  • Barbells
  • Cable crossovers
  • Wide grip pull ups
  • Close grip pull downs

These movements all target different muscle groups at different times. What makes them so effective is that each of them develops a certain muscle group at the same time. As long as you can maintain proper form with them, you will get the best results.

I do not like to use terms like “high intensity” or “high volume” because it leads to confusion. Instead of high intensity, I prefer to call it “high volume”. When I say high volume, I am implying that you have to use more weight than you normally would in order to derive maximum strength from your workout.

When you train your arms with heavy weights, you strain them, you build up tension, you make the muscle larger, and then it breaks down, or it becomes repairable (recoverable). In other words, high volume means you put more energy into the arm, which results in greater structural changes.

Barbell curls

The barbell curl is one of my favorite exercises for building bigger arms. I perform them standing, but if you are unable to face the bar, or are uncomfortable standing in the position, you can also do them seated.

What you are doing is pushing the bicep muscles to a position where they are contracting. Once you have pushed the muscle group to its contracted position, you come back down and pull it back up again. You repeat the process over again.

Dumbbell curls

I love dumbbell curls because you can work out your biceps with free weights as well as machines. Unlike barbell curls, you don’t have to keep your balance during the workout. What you have to do is keep your arms straight. I recommend doing sets of 12, but you can do sets as low as five. You can add weight to your curls by wearing a weighted vest.


What you are doing when performing a standard or incline curl is what is called eccentric motion. This results in shortening of the ligaments between your wrist and elbow. What this does is stop the joint from getting shortened. So instead of going from short to long, which would result in a long contraction, you go from short to medium. I recommend doing sets of 12, but exercise you can do sets as low as five if that is easier. To do a full range of motion, use both hands on the dumbbells.

Zottman Curls

I don’t like to use the name “zottman curls” since they don’t sound like they have an “s” sound in them. But in essence, these exercises are curls.

What you want to do is curl your weight from the inside out, staying in constant tension throughout the exercise. What you want to try to do is increase your reps. For best results, use a lighter weight with less reps.

Declined Barbell Press

I prefer to use decline bench presses over flat bench presses because I get a better form of exercise. The decline bench allows me to keep my elbows in a constant position, which keeps the bicep pumped. You can do three sets of ten reps on each of these exercises.

For the best bicep workout possible, do three sets of ten reps at an incline.


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