Best cafes in Bangkok for a true gastronomical affair!

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Well-known for its mouth-watering food, the Bangkok coffee wave is pretty spectacular. Meaningful long discussions, photogenic interiors, and delightful nourishments genuinely define the city’s expanding Bistro scene. In fact, you can say that planning a trip Delta Airlines Booking to Bangkok just to explore its cafe scene is worth it. From dessert cafes to specialty coffee, you are definitely spoilt with choices here. With new spots arising time and again, this gorgeous city is emerging as a hub of cafes for visitors of all generations. 

Other than the delectable food, these cafes will leave you spellbound with a neat and elegant interior design. At this point of time, when the world is run by a famous maxim – “espresso first,” Bangkok is loaded with plenty of astonishing cafes.  Every single cafe here is built while putting effort into single details to create the ideal ambiance for visitors. Explore these cafes and taste some tea, crunch on scrumptious food, and enjoy quality blends. The vibe and aura keep Bangkok’s cafe scene vivacious.

Must-visit Cafes in Bangkok

To taste the traditional and local food, visit these cafes. Enough with the rambling, let’s check out the list of cafes that you can’t afford to miss in Bangkok.

  • Sretsis Parlour

Sretsis Parlour is specially designed for people who love luxury. This cafe is a dream-like location with floral wallpapers, a ceiling that seems like a sky, and the floor embellished by daisies. If you love exploring unique things on your trip, this Sretsis Parlour is a must-visit for you. The classy illustrations on cakes, teacups, and walls provide a perfect environment to spend a good time with your friends and family. So plan a trip to Bangkok now to explore this excellent cafe. Travel with Delta Airlines for a pocket-friendly journey and save on your travel expenses. Initiate the Delta Airlines book a flight process and fly without being harsh on your wallet. 



Hunting for some incredible coffee shots? Well, give KIMMIK a try. This beautiful place is settled on the first floor of Thairong Tower. From interesting inventions to classic lattes, everything is available on the menu. If you want to try something beyond usual, go for Mat-zuki-to. This combination of frothy matcha and adzuki bean ice cream is sweet, earthy, and immensely satisfying. This cafe keeps updating its menu to offer seasonal specials to visitors. For example, their valentine’s day special is Bitter-sweet. It is made with an espresso shot and candied orange, and it really tastes good. It starts off pleasantly bitter and getting sweeter over time. Just like a relationship, as they say. 


  • One Ounce for Onion 

This wonderful cage is truly a hidden gem because of its location. You have to keep a look at this cozy cafe; otherwise, you might just pass it without even releasing its existence. If you are visiting this in the summers, then trying the Rose Float is highly recommended. This drink will quench your thirst on a sweltering hot day. It is a refreshing change to the usual beverages. Make sure to try this as it will not disappoint you. The most popular dish of this cafe is Pizzatilla Chicken Tikka. It may not look good in appearance, but it tastes heavenly. 


  • Peace Oriental Teahouse 

If you are a tea lover and looking for the perfect tea on your trip to Bangkok, then this is truly a paradise for you. Once you enter this cafe, you will feel like you have been transported to a modern Japanese teahouse. Adorned with a wide glass window and wood details, this cafe is a mecca for tea lovers. Peace Oriental Teahouse has a policy to remove footwear before entering the cafe. From fragrant Gyokuro to Chinese Oolong, the majority of items on the menu revolves around specialty tea. The cafe has a tagline of “matcha for perfectionists.” In this cafe, you can’t go wrong with matcha. 


  • Greyhound Cafe


This cafe started as a fashion line in the 1980s and has been popular since then. It has now expanded to multiple locations and concepts. The cafe keeps adding multiple food elements to match the modern lifestyle. Food is as important as fashion, and Greyhound Cafe is known for this. This cafe adorns art and fashion, and that’s why it attracts plenty of visitors from every nook of the world. It features an eclectic array of international as well as Thai dishes. You can gorge on many dishes of old recipes as well as infusions of dishes from different parts of the world. 


  • Bluetamp Cafe 

Bluetamp Cafe is the ultimate choice for a relaxed brunch with your family and friends. With a plethora of natural light, lush greenery, and wooden furnishings, this Aussie-style cafe is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Bluetamp cafe takes pride in its rotating selection of specialty coffee blends and single origins. The flavors and ingredients of the food come from all over the globe. This cafe also presents a well-executed runch apart from bold coffee drinks and creamy lattes. Their Big Breakfast, French Toast, and Garlic Shrimp Omelette Rich dish are worth trying. 

These cafes surely know the way to our stomach and heart. Plan a trip to Bangkok now and let the food adventure begin. Select Delta Airlines for your trip if you are a flexible traveler. You can easily change your flight through the Delta Airlines My Trips option.


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