Best Bow Release for Improving Accuracy (Wrist & Thumb)

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If you are an archer or are just getting started, the value of a good bow release cannot be overstated. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together reviews of the top 8 best bow release for accuracy. A high-quality bow release will not only give you the mental satisfaction you need in circumstances where you must make split-second decisions, but it will also set you apart from the crowd.

Today’s high-speed bows necessitate the use of a reliable mechanical bow release. It’s impossible to fire a 60- or 70-pound bow with your fingertips. The use of a release assist is often dictated by the dynamics and string angles. Consider them the link between a crisp and accurate shot and a shot that leaps off the string and misses the goal.

The best bow release aids available based on feedback from various websites and forums. This guide will help you find the right bow release for your shooting style, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned shooter.

Best Wrist Release (Finger Trigger)

The most common form of bow release used by hunters is wrist releases. They’re simple to set up and adapt, as well as dependable and, most importantly, simple to use. There are many different forms of wrist release mechanisms. The single and dual ball bearing calliper jaws, as well as the hook or “fang” type jaws that fit well with string loop setups, are all available.

When choosing a wrist release, think about the type of strap. These will be Velcro-style hook and loop straps, while some will be buckle-style straps. Straps are less expensive, but when flexed and under strain, they can make a “creaky” noise. Look for a wrist release with a fold-away head, which will allow you to tuck the mechanism away while you set up your stand.

The Most Successful Handheld Release

Every year, more bow hunters opt for the handheld style release. T-handle models are popular in hunting models. A hand release might be worth trying if you want something more sensitive without having to pull on a trigger. Small size and lightweight form factor are both advantages of this style publication. They can be stowed in pockets or locked into the bowstring so they are not connected to your arm.

Wrist vs. Hand Release

Thumb Release vs Wrist Release | Which Bow Release - YouTube

What you should know about wrist vs. Hand Release?

Mechanism of Release:

The index finger trigger is used in the famous wrist release. The d-loop is released by pressing the trigger on these small mechanical callipers. The shot is released with your thumb or back tension in a hand release.

On many hands release aids, the thumb may not necessarily squeeze the trigger on this sort of release, which might seem odd. As you pull, tension builds in the muscles between your shoulders, causing your release hand to automatically initiate the release. The hand release is gaining popularity among hunters because it is easier than an index finger release and does not have the “jumpiness” of an index finger release.

A stronghold:

The location of your hand at the point of release is your anchor. You can adjust the strap length, change the angle of your hand, and change the reference point where you place your hand on your cheek with a wrist strap type release. You will find that using a handheld release improves the stability of your anchor point as well as your accuracy.

Wrist Release Attachment:

The wrist release is worn on your arm almost all of the time. Although this is always advantageous, it may also be inconvenient. The metal head is still hanging off your shoulder, even though it can fold away. It will clatter and rattle off your gear and snag on your camo if you aren’t careful. A handheld release can be kept in your hip pocket or daypack until you need it. A locking jaw on some models helps you to clip it to your d-loop.

Straps and buckles:

A wrist release normally provides many methods of adjustment, in addition to the straps and buckles: the angle at which the trigger rests, the trigger stress, and the amount of travel required to enable the trigger. Hand releases are much more flexible and adaptable. The trigger pull force and travel, as well as the angles and sizes that determine the release location, can all be adjusted. A hand release can be completely tailored to you and your system with some preparation and practice.

String Compatibility:

Your release must be consistent with your bow’s serving. It’s important that your release is compatible with the connection point you’re using, whether it’s string d-loops, metal tabs, or string fasteners.


A release that creates a clicking noise is unimportant for target practise and competitions. As hunters, we obviously don’t want that.

Is There a Panic Cure?

Those with a manual trigger (finger or thumb) are more likely to cause target panic than those without. Inability to keep aim at the centre of a goal, an intense desire to fire faster than you’d like, or jitteriness at the moment of release are all common signs of target panic.

For certain bow hunters, the handheld release that uses back tension may help relieve goal fear. The explanation is straightforward. Since the system does not depend on the archer pulling a trigger, it forces him to make a proper shot. When the stress pushes the thumb into the handle, releasing the arrow, the trigger is tripped.

Select the Choice That Is Most Beneficial to You

Index vs. thumb releases for bowhunting | goHUNT

Only keep in mind that your bow release is an essential part of your setup. When you’ve spent a lot of money on a compound bow, it’s tempting to skimp on the other parts. Investing in a high-quality bow release will ensure that your bow performs at its best.

As you gain experience with bow hunting, a decent wrist release would be a great option. They are the most dependable and have the most power. When you want more adjustment choices, responsive triggers, and a more natural release mechanism, consider handhelds.

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