Benefits Of Real Estate CRM Software For Automating Site Visits

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The relevance of successful site visits, facilitated by Real Estate CRM Software, in cracking property deals is huge. From a homeowners’ perspective, buying a home is probably one of the biggest financial commitments they would ever make and hence nothing can ever replace a site visit and personal inspection for them.

Along with the progress of construction, there are several other things that prospects can check during a site visit, such as the brands of materials used in construction, verification of amenities, any pending litigations and more. 

However, for Real Estate Developers, Brokers, Channel Partners and Agents, managing these site visits seamlessly, especially in a booming market, is quite a cumbersome task. Right from scheduling inspections, collecting data manually, taking pictures and further analysing them to prepare reports can be too time-consuming.

This is where automating the process of real estate site visit come into the picture.

In this blog, we will discuss the concept of real estate automation in more detail, along with the key benefits of automating property site visits and how can Real Estate Developers, Brokers, Channel Partners and Agents benefit from them.

What Is Real Estate Automation?

Automation in Real Estate is a way of reducing manual work and letting the tools do more work. This could be through automated notifications, site visits, email workflows and other tasks for Real Estate teams.

Apart from reducing workload, real estate automation makes their business operations significantly easier and more efficient.

Sell. Do- A Powerful CRM For Real Estate Automation

Sell.Do is a powerful Real Estate CRM Software that allows Developers, Agents and Channel Partners to capture, track, and manage property leads from multiple channels, including social media, website, Real Estate listing websites, events, and more. Among the key ways, it helps them include-

  • Engaging every potential buyer with necessary inputs at the right time 
  • Visualising a lead as a real person (taking into likes, dislikes, motivations) by understanding their interests, identifying their intent and following their activities
  • Enabling their marketing team to better collaborate with others for tasks such as property photoshoots, creating videos and more
  • Assisting the team in managing all agents efficiently and maintaining a proper record of all activities on the field

Robust Customer Experience Management On-site With Sell.Do

With Sell.Do’s site visit automation feature; Real Estate teams can ensure to entice their prospective customers during site visits, thus enhancing their chances of converting them to real customers. 

Among the key features of Sell.Do’s site visit automation include-

  • On-site self-serve visits

Sell.Do’s Real Estate CRM give customers self-serve options by allowing them to register themselves on mobile & tablet apps. 

Further, the CRM takes care of any duplicity, puts customers in a queue and notifies the respective sales representative. It also gives an option to customers of browsing sales information, collateral or brochures from the app itself until they wait for the sales representative to assist them.

  • The excellent customer experience at the site

Sell.Do allows the Real Estate teams to equip their GREs or the reception to use tablet or handheld apps to identify customers using their phone or email easily. This gives them quick one-click access to update customer details & mark the site visit done to ensure data sanctity. Further, it also notifies the associated sales rep about the arrival of the customer.

  • Better queue management

In case of high footfall on-site, the CRM allows Agents to plan a complete customer experience strategy and ensure that customers have a minimal wait time for a smooth sales journey.

This essentially works by having multiple counters with customers effortlessly moving from one to the next in a regularised process & flow. For instance, the customer first goes through reception, then an AV presentation followed by the brochure & project walkthrough, price-negotiation & finally booking & payments.

  • Excellent ground support  during launches

An excellent Real Estate CRM Software, it provides a robust combination of technology and on-ground support to sales executives during launches to ensure better floor management and to leverage the analytics to be able to understand which leads to focus on. 

Benefits Of Sell.Do’s Site Visit Automation Feature For Real Estate Developers

Among the key benefits include-

  • Properties can be easily scheduled for inspection ahead of time, and bookings can come directly to clients.
  • Once the inspection request is being tracked, the system can then match appropriate field executives and thus bring effortless management and intelligence to the overall site visit process.
  • With automation, reports can also be completed on-site much faster with a comprehensive checklist, pre-available templates, and other features such as easy image upload. They can then edit these reports and generate professional reports in just a few clicks.
  • Allows them to capture electronic signatures and share the reports online with prospective customers.
  • Automating site visits helps them reduce manual errors and eventually cut the whole report delivery time without compromising the quality.

To Wrap It Up

For Developer, Agents and Channel Partners, property site visits are an excellent way to both impress prospective customers and increase the chances of conversion significantly.

Sell.Do’s high-tech CRM Process Management system is designed in a way that helps them minimise the hassles during customer site visits and maximise customer satisfaction.


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