Beginners Guide to Rugby Union Betting

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AG Sky Official is now offering rugby betting options to clients. Rugby has possibly one of the largest followers! There are a lot of local leagues that have acquired more markets in India on high-limit betting sites that previously existed. Gambling on sports comes in many different forms on Indian Sports trading platform like AG Sky Official.

Let’s understand the game before starting to bet on Rugby-

  • It was first played before the 19th century and a set of Rules and Regulation were implemented in 1845.
  • Rugby was divided into the Rugby Union and the Rugby League, due to some monetary disputes.
  • They are played with slightly different rules.
  • In 1871, a common set of regulations were announced for the Rugby Union 21 clubs in existence at the time.
  • It was passed to ensure fair play and protection of players.
  • Rugby developed within Britain and in 1864 Sydney became the first center to form a Rugby Club.
  • International Rugby Board (IRB) came into being in 1886 due to an International match dispute between Britain and Scotland.
  • In 1990, Britain joined and decided to follow the regulations of the IRFB (International Rugby Football Board).
  • Today the IRB is the Regulating Board for International Rugby.

If you are interested to invest in the Rugby Union odds online, keep reading to understand how to place educated bets.

  • Rugby has become a major sport for most bookmakers so when you are scrolling through our website it is easy to find the Rugby wagering odds.
  • You can find Rugby on top of the sports list available in the sportsbook. Selecting the Rugby category will take you to the main page with the wagering odds for different leagues and tournaments. You should evaluate before selecting and processing your aspired Rugby wagers.

What are the Wagering Rules?

  • Wagering is only for 80 minutes of play with extra time not included.
  • If a game is changed and different from advertised, all bets are voided.
  • If a match is postponed, all bets will be nullified on the day of the match.

What are the Wagering Options?

There are many wagering possibilities for Rugby that relate to the same rules and regulations that were developed for Rugby in the 1800s. The betting choices that are most popular are the ones that apply to the match. These are match-winners, 1st attempt scorer, last attempt scorer, 1st
point scorer, team to score 1st penalty and numerous others.

Some wagering options apply to championships usually and these choices have watering Rugby Union odds online that constantly change throughout the contest like the winner of the competition, most points scored in the competition and multiple tries to score by players. These
usually are popular among casual gamblers who are not betting on rugby on a daily basis but prefer the tournaments.

Many Indian Sports trading platforms offer live betting and it is fundamentally simple for those wagering on Rugby. Just log into your wagering account, click on the live wagering option available at the sportsbook and watch the play by play action.

AG Sky Official now offers many different wagering options for Rugby which could be in the event specials and money back specials wagering format.

Event special wagering is limited to Championships such as the World Cup and Six Nations games. These special wagering offers on Rugby are more significant as these events only happen on preset schedules. They might be available in small wagering amounts.

Money-back specials concern specific Rugby matches meaning you can get your money back by following the right terms and conditions presented.

At AG Sky Official, one of the leading Indian Sports trading platforms, we offer unique online sports betting experience with sports trading insider advice. As an authorized partner of Sky, we offer our customers global liquidity, compared to the market-best prices.

AG Sky Official has free-content to view as well as use. It includes an assorted collection of betting guides, educational content, bookmaker reviews and a lot more. You can get rugby predictions all through the season here too. Join the AG Sky Official community today!





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