Beard Grooming Masterclass: 7 Tips From Experts

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Beard growing and grooming isn’t easy, but some tricks can definitely help you grow out a luscious, thick beard. If you’re serious about keeping that bad boy looking like it came straight out of Hugh Jackman’s latest block buster, our experts have some tips you could use.

Note: You will need some barber supplies to trim, cut and oil the beard.

1.    Patience Is Key

If you’re growing a beard, you should know it’s a slow process, and you have to be patient. You’ll need to resist the need to shave and allow the hair to grow styling it. Proper nutrition, diet, and a healthy lifestyle is also key to grow a healthy beard.

2.    Keep it Hygienic

Keeping the beard neat is crucial in the initial stages of growing it out. Growing a beard isn’t just about growing facial hair, but also caring for the skin underneath. Wash and scrub your beard several times a day with a face wash or cleanser of your choice to keep your skin and facial hair healthy. will get the job well done.

3.    Beard Oil; How should you choose it?

Choosing a beard oil according to your facial hair is tricky. You’ll find different beard oils but will struggle to decide which is best for you. Some may feel heavy on your hair; others may feel too shiny but there is always that one brand that will suit your hair. You can’t decide until you try them all, so take your time and see what works for you.

4.    Training Your Beard

Your beard’s shape depends on how you train it to grow; trimming and cutting your beard regularly can keep it in line, but regular brushing will keep your facial hair in order even if they grow without trimming for a while.

5.    Keep Up A Proper Diet

Just like you can’t drive a car without gas, you can’t grow a beard without a proper diet. Hair is made of protein and fats and you should eat foods rich in protein and other vital nutrients to grow a healthy and good looking beard. If you are really committed to grow and take proper care of your beard, then taking supplements can help in fill your body’s nutritional needs.

6.    Miscellaneous Tips For Barber Supplies, Trimming And Moustache.

  1. It is important to match your according to your face; during the early stage of growing beard, observe what kind of beard shape will suit your face perfectly.
  2. Invest in a good trimmer and learn a technique that will suit the pruning of your beard on a daily basis.
  3. Style and trim your moustache according to your beard.
  4. Know how and when is a good time to trim or cut your beard.

7.   What Equipment To Use?

Using the right barber supplies for your beard is also very important. You should invest in some basic and good equipment that makes beard pruning and cutting easy. Try some renowned brands like Andis, Wahl and Babyliss. These brands are easily available in market and are pretty affordable too. If you are looking for high quality barber equipment then Barber Beauty Supplies have all the desired brands that you can think of buying.


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