Banglarbhumi Land information WB 2020 – you Need to know

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In August 2008, Government of India launched the Digital India Land Records Modernisation Programme (DILRMP) to boost digitisation of land records and survey. Digitisation has transformed the real estate sector in India as well, as maintaining digital records has significantly improved the transparency within the system.

Land Reforms department of West Bengal followed suit, and an online data management portal Banglarbhumi was launched. Citizens of the state can now check and retrieve land information West Bengal such as Record of Rights, value and details of a property, map of the land, etc.

Banglarbhumi land information West Bengal 2020

Before the launch of online portals, homebuyers and sellers had to visit concerned offices personally to retrieve or update any information and other formalities. The buyer-seller agreement and registration was a cumbersome process, and people had to visit the Block Land and Land Reforms Office for making any corrections to the paperwork.

Banglarbhumi solves this issue by hosting an extensive collection of information on the online portal. Users can look for details like plot information, RS-LR details, fee details, and much more on 42159 Mouzas and 4.3 croresKhaitans.

How to access information on Banglarbhumi 2020 website?

When a buyer registers for a property, the registration document is submitted and verified at the authority office. Once the process concludes, the information is then digitised to the online records.

Potential buyers can then access land information West Bengalfrom the online portal. Obtaining complete information about a property is crucial for transparent transactions, and new buyers should acquaint themselves with things to know before buying a first home.

Once you register as a new user, you can either use the Know your property or Query search option to access the required information. Departmental users need to submit neededproperty details in the fields provided, while citizens need to enter the query year and number in the search pop-up.

Verify the information and complete the captcha verification to access your required information.

What services are offered at the Banglarbhumi portal?

The records maintained by Banglarbhumi are crucial if you want to avail a home loan from financiers. Citizens and departmental users can use this online portal to access land information West Bengal and a host of other services, that include:

  • Particulars of property distribution
  • Digitisation of land information WB
  • Periodic updates to property paperwork
  • Managing ISU
  • Rent controller services
  • Online mutation
  • Managing Record of Rights application
  • LMTC and ARTI training
  • Thika tenancy
  • Indo-Bangladesh Boundary demarcation
  • Public grievances filing
  • Other citizen-centric services, etc.

Benefits of Banglarbhumi WB services 2020

As mentioned earlier, an online portal for real estate information in West Bengal removes the need to visit the concerned authority physically. 

It also adds to the transparency in record keeping and sustaining maintenance of land information West Bengal. The state cabinet-maintained portal not only makes the process hassle-free; it also adds necessary checks to any illegal practices.

Individuals can also use the owner records and property details as proof of address when availing financing services like home loans. If applicants are well aware of the documents required for home loan approval, they can retrieve the necessary files from Banglarbhumi online portal.

Some housing financing institutions also provide pre-approved offers with minimal documentation and processing time. Customers can avail such offers on products like home loans and loan against property. You can check your pre-approved offer by using your name and phone number as credentials.

Digitisation of records has significantly transformed each and every sector, and the real estate industry in West Bengal is also enjoying a host of benefits since the launch of Banglarbhumi project. Existing and new buyers can easily access land information West Bengal for any property in the state in a quick and hassle-free manner without having to visit the authority offices.

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