Bamboo Pillow for All Sleepers

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As a side sleeper, you want a pillow that is firm and helps to maintain proper spine alignment. And since your face rests on the pillow, you need one that is made up of hypoallergenic material and that is dust mite resistant. So for you, the bamboo pillow will be one that contains shredded memory foam with cooling gel.

Why is bamboo Pillow suitable for all Side Sleepers?

Cooling gel memory foam pillow is perfect for all side sleepers as:

  • It conforms to the shape of your head and neck
  • It fills the gap under the head and neck
  • The firmness and height of the pillow can be adjusted

Let’s start with the material of which this pillow comprises. To provide comfort and support, this pillow is equipped with shredded memory foam, which can conform to the shape of your head and neck, providing additional support.

For side sleepers, health experts recommend keeping a queen bamboo pillow between the knees, as the top leg of side sleepers often slides down, rotating the spine unnaturally and causing additional stress on your spine disks.

Premium Memory Foam

This pillow is made up of premium memory foam that has a slow rebound and that is firm enough to provide a good level of support and comfort to side sleepers.

Adjust Height and Firmness

You can personalize shredded memory foam pillows and adjust their height and firmness by simply adding or removing foam from the pillow case. The package comes with extra memory foam to enable customization.

What’s a bamboo Pillow?

After a long day of hard work at the office or trivial chores at home. You want to enjoy a cool and relaxing sleep, but head and night sweat often make it impossible. Your pillow retains heat from your body and passes it back to you, causing excess sweating and disrupting sleep.

To provide relief from heat and night sweat. You can rely on bamboo pillows which usually contain water or cooling gel pillows.

However, the one offered by Runoff, contains bamboo pillow providing:

  • Better Support for Neck and Shoulders
  • The adjustability of Firmness and Height

Bamboo Cover – Wicks away Sweat and Moisture

While the cooling gel keeps the pillow cool, the bamboo pillow covers wicks sweat and moisture away, providing a more relaxing sleep experience.

Further, the bamboo cover is hypoallergenic and made up of natural material, which is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

As a final observation,

Providing great comfort, support, and relief, bamboo pillows with bamboo cover are the latest trend and available at dirt cheap prices.

Purchase Runoff bamboo Pillow With Gel memory foam with bamboo cover on their website, Amazon, or Walmart.


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