How to Backup Emails from Google Workspace for Business

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If you are working with Google Workspace for Business, it is important that you secure its data appropriately. Obviously, the emails, documents, and other items are the portal to nearly every item a person does online.

However, there are other factors that make backup email Google Workspace for Business account so vital. For example, security from online attacks that encrypt or delete the data and makes user unable to access it. If you do not have backup file in such instance, the organisation’s could be in trouble.

Stay Alert and never let them happen! In this tutorial, we will discuss some G Suite backup techniques to make sure data availability in any disastrous situation.

Methods to Backup Email – Google Workspace for Business to Local Environment

In the following section, we are going to share two workarounds that we use for Google Workspace for business export email. So, let’s get started!

  1. Inbuilt Data Export Tool
  2. Use Smart Google Workspace Backup Software

#Approach 1: Use Data Export Tool – A Manual Way

Data Export, an inbuilt utility, comes with all Google Workspace subscription plans. It is used to download data items from G Suite services such as Gmail, Vault etc. This tool can be operated by only super admin whose account must be existed more than 30 days in G Suite. However, to use this utility, you have to fulfil some prerequisites.

  • In Admin profile, enable 2SV (or Two-Step Verification) feature.
  • Users should be 1000 or below it.

Note:- If the users are more than 1000, then contact Support Center of Google.

Admin can easily find the Data Export tool under the Tools section. And export the data by clicking on Start Export button.

Although, there are some downsides with Data Export Tool that makes it unsuitable for exporting a large amount of data. Plus, it consumes time more than 72 hours to export live data from organization’s Google Workspace for Business data on the system. Adding to it, you cannot export the data from selected user account.

#Approach 2: Impeccable Google Workspace Backup Tool – Automated Way

If you do not want to do any type of compromise with most crucial email data, then it is highly recommended to opt for automated Google Workspace Backup Software to backup Google Workspace emails. A highly reliable workaround for Google Workspace for business export email in a secure manner. Apart from emails, you are free to export a copy of contacts, calendars, and documents on the local system. It offers the following features that meet your exact need.

  1. Add Interval: It is an option used to export only desired Google Workspace email on local system. To use this feature, enter a set of date in Fromand To Afterwards, only those emails will be saved that lie between the mentioned timeline on desired offline location.
  2. Delete After Download: A remarkable feature that deletes emails from the respective online folder after saving them on the on-premise location.
  3. Include Folders: With this feature, one can simply add the folder(s) name in text box and tool will save copy of mails from it.
  4. Category: Here, you can opt for many items for the backup like emails, contacts, calendar, and documents.
  5. Email Format: Under this section, one can select a file type and export the emails in respective format. Four popular file types are offered by the software i.e., EML, PST, MSG, and MBOX.

Above all, the software takes least amount of time to backup Google Workspace for Business data. All you need to do is download the tool and run it. After that, perform the following steps.

  • First of all, you need to pick either Domain Users (for admin) or Single User.

  • When you login as Domain Users, then create a CSV file that has a list of all users address and upload it.
  • Now, choose any format to export emails on local system. Here, you can select other features like Delete After Download, Select Category and so on.

  • Provide a location to save the backup file by clicking on Browse button. Afterwards, Hit Start to begin the actual backup email Google Workspace for Business process.

Once the process gets completed, navigate to the location that was selected during backup procedure. Here, you will find the Google Workspace for Business email backup file.

Other Striking Feature of Tool-

  • Tool can be operated by single user or G Suite administrator.
  • Export data from multiple users account in batch.
  • Complete real-time data report of backup task.
  • Facility to save resultant file at any location.

Final Thought!

As we know, we cannot stop the potential online attacks. But, we can take preventive measure for it. And the first rule to protect data is to take backup of your G Suite account on safe offline location. Therefore, we discussed two techniques that backup email Google Workspace for Business account.


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