How to fix Avast Cleanup Won’t Open Error

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Avast Cleanup is a device optimization program that manages the performance of your system. When you install this Avast setup on the system, it checks all the files and removes all the junk. Your Avast cleanup will boost the RAM and improve device performance. But when you get the error on Avast, fix it immediately. Without this program, your device may start running slowly.

Reasons for getting Avast Cleanup Won’t Open

  1. You have installed the incompatible Cleanup plan
  2. Another program is conflicting with Avast
  3. Some Avast Cleanup program files are missing
  4. Avast related registry files are not working
  5. System files get corrupted
  6. The user has made invalid changes to the settings

Resolving Avast Cleanup Won’t Open Error

Restart your Computer

When the Avast services are not working; check for the runtime error. The user gets an error when he is running lots of apps at once and Avast can’t get the required resource. Avast checks all the files, while scanning the file if it is preoccupied then Avast may get into error. Close the Avast cleanup error wizard and check the other programs. Close all apps and then restart the PC. Now go to screen and open Avast cleanup only. After optimizing the system with Avast; open the required apps and resume your work.

Check the Requirements of the Avast Cleanup Plan

When the program is not opening, you should go to compatibility. The cleanup setup has few resource requirements. If the requirements don’t match with the specifications then the setup won’t open. Go to Avast and check all its requirements. Now match those requirements with device specifications. If the specifications don’t match then search for the compatible setup. Remove the installed Avast setup from the system and get a compatible one.

Remove the Conflicting Avast Cleanup from your System

When the Avast pop-ups won’t stop while running it with another program then check for errors. This issue appears when the user has installed a program that is conflicting with Avast. Check the program; if the program seems suspicious then remove it. You get these issues mainly with third-party programs. Those programs not only conflict with Avast cleanup but can also harm the system. But when you are getting conflict issues with a reliable program; check for the update. Open the Apps folder on Windows and then go to that particular program. Click on the Update button and wait. After updating the application, restart the system and now try to run it with Avast cleanup.

Check your Avast Registry Files

When the Avast cleanup program is not working then inspect its registry files. The user gets the error when Avast registry files get into some error. You have to check the registry files and then repair the corrupted ones. But edit those files when you have the correct guidelines. Registry files carry all the information; if you edit them wrongly then the whole setup may get into error. Open the registry files and search for all the Avast-related files. If you find a corrupted file then repair it. Before editing it, you should create its backup. After repairing the Avast registry files; restart the device and then check for errors. 

Undo the Avast Cleanup Changes on the Device

Some users get the Avast cleanup program error after making changes on the device. While setting the device, the user has made some invalid changes. That setting is interrupting the Avast program while running. The user has to open the same settings page and then undo the changes. After reverting to the recent changes; try running the Avast program. When you forget the default settings then check for the restoring tool. But you can use the system restore when you have a correct restoring point. Once you restore the settings; go to Avast cleanup and try to run it on the device.

Check for the System Files

Many times, users get errors with the system files. These files are not easy to repair and require technical knowledge. For fixing the basic system files error, try sfc/scannow tool. It will inspect the system files of your device and repair the corrupted files. When the cleanup is not working due to missing program files then check for installation. Repairing the Avast program files is not easy. Instead, you can remove the corrupted program from the device. After uninstalling; delete the related files also. Now install a new Avast cleanup setup on the computer.



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