Automatic Access Control System

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Automatic Access Control System in Railway Stations

The large influx of passengers at the stations makes it necessary to have automatic door systems that facilitate the flow and free passage of users and their luggage.

By installing standard automatic sliding doors, the security of users is guaranteed as well as the fluidity of their traffic.

In addition, it should note that automatic doors, by remaining open only, when necessary, prevent temperature exchanges between the interior and exterior of the enclosure, increasing energy savings, facilitating the passage of people with reduce mobility (PRM) and improving also the comfort of the traveler.

Automatic doors have several advantages over traditional swing doors and one of them is the low impact derive from their installation and maintenance. In addition, thanks to its closing and opening system, a high degree of energy saving is achieve.

To achieve this energy saving, automatic doors have to meet a series of requirements such as:

  •         That the closing and opening cycles are as short as possible to prevent the temperature inside the building from dissipating and the outside temperature from penetrating the facilities.
  •         Automatic doors must have a high degree of tightness to prevent air leaks from occurring.

If the automatic doors install in the stations meet these requirements, in addition to saving in energy and economic terms, the emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere will reduce and the comfort of the users will notably increased, translating into a greater reputation for public transport, in this case, for rail transport.

An example of these automatic platform doors can found at the Can station, on line 11 of the metro. This project, consisting of a total of 40 PSD doors, was carried out between 2007 and 2009, and was also the first station in Spain to have PSD automatic Access Control System doors that interacted with the train fully automatically.

  • Fire doors. Both in railway stations and in those where there is a large flow of passengers, it is necessary to have elements that are capable of guaranteeing the safety of users in the event of a fire. Manusa fire resistant doors are design to divide areas and to prevent the spread of fire outside of them for 30 or 60 minutes, delimiting different spaces within the same building.

Access Control in Public Transport

  • Non-return corridors. Anti-return walkways have designed to meet the security needs of airports, maritime or railway terminals and public transport infrastructures in general. The main function of the non-return corridors is to allow the traffic of travelers and goods in a safe, fluid and unidirectional way from critical security areas such as passenger disembarkation areas, to areas of less security such as X-Ray baggage Scanner claim.
  • Tariff barriers: Validating – PAR of transport, also known as automatic reversible corridors. Although the Manusa PAR ticket validator corridors can be installed in various means of transport, they are one of the most widespread passenger access control systems in railway stations thanks to their great security, speed and ease of use.
  • Platform doors.  The main task of the PSD doors is to separate the tracks from the platform, preventing accidental falls, avoiding vandalism and reducing the well-known piston effect that takes place in subway stations.
  • Platform Doors PSD (Platform Screen Doors). The platform doors have specially design to guarantee the safety and comfort of the users, and to satisfy the great demand of both rail traffic, as well as that of the bus or metro systems of the cities.
  • Half-height platform doors PSG (Platform Screen Gates). They will act as platform door PSDs, but in this case, the platforms are closing with half-height automatic door partitions; This ensures safety on the platforms, but eliminates the feeling of reduced space.

As it can see, automatic accesses are very important in any transport infrastructure due to the large number of people who use them daily.


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