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The complete ASO optimization solution with Mind Mingles

According to the figures, there are almost more than 6 million apps on the App store. And you also have to make one. Making or developing an app is not an issue but to get popularity or visibility among all the other apps on the app store is the main issue. Here comes the ASO or App store optimization comes into the picture. Having a great command over the app store optimization is very much important in this digital era. And for this, we Mind Minglers are here to help as well as guide you with the perfect app store marketing strategy. 

Basically, the ASO optimization plays an important role in increasing the visibility of the apps we develop for you. Along with this, app store marketing also helps in getting a better rank on the app store. 

Are you still confused about the ASO optimization and mobile app marketing?

The app store marketing is one of the ways of optimizing the app on the app store in order to place them on the higher ranks then earlier. Because if your app is on the top rank then it will be shown in the top results when the search term or search query is related. With this mobile app marketing strategy you can get a step closer to the customers. It also helps in increasing the organic web traffic for your app. 

Our main motive or major goal is to provide the customers the perfect mobile app marketing strategy in order to make them visible to their potential customers and place them on the higher rank on the app store. Do not wait this long. Hurry up! Contact us. We will make the perfect strategy for you regarding your ASO optimization. The major goals of this activity is to get more organic web traffic for the apps we have developed for you. 

It is very difficult for many businesses to understand exactly what keywords can be used and what strategy exactly can be applied. Therefore, we at Mind Mingles will put in all efforts for you and you just have to reap benefits out of it. 

The following are some of the major focus areas on which we emphasize a lot through our mobile app marketing:

  1. We emphasize SEO marketing more in order to get the immense amount of organic SEO traffic for your app on the app store. 
  2. We focus on the content marketing as well in order to build up as well as increase your presence over the app. We have a professional team for creating as well as managing content. Our team creates contents with proper backlinks in order to attract more traffic.
  3. We analyze the paid media also in order to get the best return on investment in the industry. Also, we can perfect strategies for paid media for you.

The following are some of the key factors of the ASO optimization strategy of Mind Mingles:

  1. There should be a proper and differentiated name of the app or the title of the app.
  2. We at Mind Mingles use the properly optimized Keywords for your app. 
  3. We create and showcase a proper as well as perfect app description
  4. We also create subtitles for your app.
  5. The total number of downloads of your app will be drastically increased after the ASO optimization strategy by us. 
  6. We also work on the ratings of the app along with the reviews of the app. 

Basically, the proper ASO optimization strategy or the mobile app marketing strategy is placed then the app can be shown and placed in the discovering apps page on the app store. That too will automatically be done by the app store due to the high quality of the organic content and strategy that increase your organic web traffic for your company’s app. In other trms, we can say that the name of your app will be shown at the topmost place. 

So here’s my gift to you: ASO is your secret weapon. Spend time every week improving your ASO, and you will meaningfully impact your app’s ranking and overall success.

The following are some of the major ASO strategizing factors that will affect the ranking of your app on the app store.

1. App name or the app title.

The name of the app should be kept like there will be a keyword placed in it itself, which ultimately will help the app in getting the brilliant organic web traffic. We spend a lot of time in deciding the app name because this name will be the base and pillar of the success story we receive in future. Because changing the name can be a very lossful situation for the company also it decreases the brand value of the company. 

Let us take an example of the same. Suppose you are a games brand. Then using keywords in titles like games will be more beneficial. 

2. We pay more focus on the keywords used to build the app

We research as well as find the keywords for your app and optimize them on the regular basis. So that your app can be shown in the top searches over the app store. 

Let us take the same example again that game’s brands. Now using the keywords like free games online or something like that will be profitable. We take care of the keywords very much. 

3. We also develop the best description for your app.

Generally, we have some limited numbers of characters to describe the app. And we include each and every feature and USPs of the company in those limited characters only. We do not exaggerate anything in the description. It is a straightforward content of the features and USPs of the company and app. 

3. For you we also take care of the Metadata

Metadata is considered to be one of most important aspect of doing the mobile app marketing.

The major part of the whole exercise is to increase your presence over the digital platforms. Along with this, to reach a wide audience and ultimately increase the revenue of the company. We properly research and analyze the keywords for your apps and its description over the app store. So that we can target the large chunk of audience and customers on your behalf. With this strategy, optimizing an app can also be shown in the top search listing over the app store. Basically, the app store has an option of to be download apps over the app store. With our strategy your app can be shown in that list also.

This ASO optimization as well as a mobile app marketing strategy is being optimized as well as constantly monitored on a regular basis in order to get the desired results and profit. We work majorly on driving the organic traffic to your app only in order to get more downloads. You do not have to do anything regarding it. We will make all the efforts for you. You just have to share your desired results with us and reap results.


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