Are windows hosting beneficial for a blog site?

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If you are searching to set up your own blog, website, or simply an online project, you will have to consider all web hosting before you finally select one. In addition to this, there so many web hosting platforms available to make your choice even more difficult. It becomes tough to select one. Therefore, you can select web hosting, keeping in view several factors. However, if you are a learner, the best choice is windows web hosting which is undoubtedly beneficial for a blog site.

What is Windows Shared Hosting?

Web hosting is a service facilitating users with an online system to store images, videos, information, or any other file accessible via the internet. Windows shared hosting is a form of web hosting providing a shared hosting environment. It means that you and many others share a similar web server, including software applications and physical servers. Windows hosting is designed by Microsoft. Most web applications use Windows-based hosting; therefore, Windows web hosting is a good recommendation.

Navicosoft has a team of expert pioneers who have built a refined platform for providing the best windows hosting. In addition, our windows hosting servers are a flawless fixture to step forward integrating the latest technology. Our web hosting servers use 100% SSD disk space and are equipped with top-quality hardware.

Key Benefits of Windows Shared Web Hosting

Here are a few reasons why Windows Shared Hosting is beneficial for a blog site:

The .Net framework:

 Windows hosting is a perfect choice for sites relying on .net visuals. Hence it is the only choice for providing requirements to accomplish a website using .net languages.

Extensions on the front page:

 In case if you are using a Microsoft front page website design program, windows hosting makes sure you can work easily. Hence you won’t have to struggle and worry much about server support web extensions.

Easy to use:

 Almost all web users are familiar with a windows operating system. Windows server is almost the same as the windows operating system. Hence it makes it convenient for everyone to use windows server as an easy option.

Access compatibility:

 For websites that require to collect their data from an access database, windows hosting is their best choice. It is because it can seamlessly integrate the database.

Compatibility and ranging support:

Various developers create applications which are compatible with windows based server. For example, considering internet information services, along with SQL. Such applications are designed to support others since it is compatible with windows based server.


Best windows hosting has left all web hosting behind in terms of cost-efficiency. The licenses are owned by Microsoft, which contributes greatly. Hence Windows shared hosting is very affordable. Moreover, you can get several features suitable for hosting plans at a very low cost.

Best Windows hosting is one of the perfect choices for anyone who wants to make web management cost-effective and easy. Consequently, it is a viable option for multiple needs. The platform efficiently delivers all the functionalities provided by Linux. Even if you consider compatibility with other windows applications, it is an amazing choice at a very affordable price.

Some Conspicuous Features of Best Windows Hosting:

Windows shared hosting is one of the widely used platforms all over the world. The major reasons behind this are:

  • It is one of the leading CPanel managers.
  • Windows web hosting is reliable support for customers.
  • It comes with a striking infrastructure.
  • Windows hosting provides an installation option for various applications in just one click.
  • It provides unlimited disk space along with bandwidth and an FTP account.

Get Best Windows Hosting from Navicosoft!

Navicosoft is your solution for most modern technology and innovations. We provide you a digital window for your business. With this best windows hosting, you can easily settle your online requirements! We have explicitly tuned it to make your website live. Moreover, our company focuses on user-centric Windows hosting with a user-friendly control panel.

Hence if you are searching for windows shared hosting plan beneficial for a blog site, we make sure to provide you with smart and reliable web development services with the best web hosting packages. Navicosoft can proudly say that we are an authorized partner with Plesk. Therefore, we fulfill all your hosting necessities with the best windows hosting services.

Navicosoft promises to provide you:

  • Integrated WordPress toolkit
  • SSL Certificate Manager
  • Various extensions
  • Latest PLESK Panel
  • Security tools

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