Create an App like OnlyFans and Attract Millions of Artists and Models Quickly

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The digital era we live in thrives on user-generated content like photos and videos. In recent times, content subscription platforms have dominated the entertainment and media industry.

OnlyFans is a leading Content Subscription service provider located in London. Importantly, it has grown rapidly since its launch in September 2016. The OnlyFans platform is consistently increasing its number of content creators and subscribers every day. It earned a humongous $74 million in pre-tax profits and $390 million in revenue from November 2019 to November 2020.

Content creators post their exclusive images and videos on the online platform. Millions of users view high-quality content by paying monthly subscriptions. Artists, celebrities, models, and stars also pocket extra income through live streaming, Pay-Per-View (PPV) messaging, and tips from their fans and followers.

Some recent news related to OnlyFans 

  • Acclaimed models like Demi Rose and Larsa Pippen have acquired thousands of followers quickly after creating profiles on the OnlyFans platform.
  • Famous professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather created a storm after opening an account on OnlyFans Clone recently. The digital platform has sponsored Mayweather for his exhibition fight against Logan Paul, who is a popular boxer and YouTuber. Hence, sports fans will receive exclusive content and updates from Mayweather’s personal and professional life.
  • Hannah Bennet, aged 23, resigned from her car sales job after making 27,000 pounds from OnlyFans in just 3 months. She got 400 subscribers in just 2 weeks, paid off debts worth thousands of pounds, and plans to buy a big home soon.
  • Partners of the Special Air Service (SAS) troops of the British Army made a whopping 4000 pounds per week by posting content on OnlyFans.
  • Teagan Kaye, a 20-year-old made a huge income of $2000 per day after posting her snaps on OnlyFans. Earlier, she was earning only $200 per week by working in Subway, a famous fast-food restaurant. This has helped her boost her modelling career. She plans to travel to Los Angeles to make it big in the modelling industry.

Why must entrepreneurs opt for OnlyFans Clone App Development?

  • Users need a good source of entertainment amid the Covid-19 pandemic. An app like OnlyFans will efficiently distribute the content of artists, celebrities, filmmakers, fitness trainers, models, photographers, publishers, sportspersons, and many more.
  • Entrepreneurs mint money by imposing a 20% commission on the earnings of content creators, a monthly subscription plan paid by users, publishing targeted advertisements, registration charges from artists and models, and transaction processing fees.
  • The cost of creating a customized OnlyFans clone is less when compared to development from scratch which involves hiring experienced developers and getting the right tech stack. An ultra-modern Content Management System (CMS) is offered as part of the OnlyFans clone. Moreover, entrepreneurs get a competitive advantage as a ready-made App like OnlyFans is quickly deployable in the market.

How do content creators benefit by posting photos/videos on an app like OnlyFans?

No possibility of censorship – Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter often impose restrictions on content creators through bans and suspension of their accounts. However, an OnlyFans clone app promotes free speech without any limitations. Besides that, artists and models can post their content online without fearing any repercussions.

On-time receipt of payments – You would have come across news when actors/actresses complain that they did not receive their salary on time from producers, especially when their movie became a failure at the box office. But, an app like OnlyFans ensures no delay in distributing commission and tips to content developers.

Artists and models withdraw their earnings per day, week, or month. They withdraw their earnings via Automated Clearing House (ACH), Original Credit Transaction (OCT), Paxum e-wallet, and Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT).

Easy implementation of fundraising campaigns –  An app like OnlyFans also supports various charities and donations for social issues. Artists and content creators can request funds from fans and followers for noble causes. 100% of the proceeds will directly go to the beneficiaries.

Numerous use-cases – Apart from posting photos and videos, an outstanding OnlyFans clone app has several applications. It can be used for conducting stand-up comedy sessions, online classes, publishing behind-the-scenes footage, and sharing guides, tips, and tricks.

Rewards from the Referral Program – Content creators get a 5% commission for referring new artists or models to an app like OnlyFans. The earnings are directly credited to their bank account or digital wallet up to a limit of $1 million. Content developers can refer an unlimited number of new creators and maximize their total earnings from the OnlyFans clone app.

What are the different advantages for users by registering on the OnlyFans clone app?

  • They can interact directly with popular celebrities and models through private chats on an app like OnlyFans. Nevertheless, users get exclusive access to rare photos and videos by paying a specific rate for each view.
  • Fans and followers can process payments quickly for the OnlyFans monthly subscription plans. They execute transactions through credit and debit cards such as Discover, Maestro, Mastercard, and Visa.
  • Netizens can buy OnlyFans branded merchandise from online platforms like Shopify and Teespring. They become proud owners of bags, caps, coffee mugs, hats, hoodies, leggings, smartphone cases, stickers, and T-shirts.
  • New users can create an account quickly on an OnlyFans clone via the social media login option. Likewise, they sync their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.
  • Existing users of an app like OnlyFans can resolve all their grievances and issues by contacting the dedicated Help Centre. Prompt technical assistance is offered via email, live chat, and phone.

What is the budget outlay for OnlyFans Clone App Development?

The cost of creating an amazing app like OnlyFans depends on factors like the extent of customization demanded by the entrepreneur, the kind of features, the selection of frameworks and technologies for development, and the total time devoted to establishing the front-end and back-end.

Furthermore, entrepreneurs have to spend expenses on availing services like bug fixing, maintenance, software updates, and third-party API integration.

Wrapping Up

OnlyFans has given more power to millions of content creators. They do not depend on intermediaries anymore and command their own price. The content subscription platform has boosted its yearly revenue by 553% and processed a whopping $2.3 billion in peer-to-peer transactions.

Above all, there are more than 300 content creators who earn more than $1 million by posting images and videos on OnlyFans. Hence, entrepreneurs can become an integral part of the booming digital economy by hiring a competent app development company for OnlyFans clone app development.


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