An overview of gorilla glue strain

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In earlier times, the THC content level was low in marijuana plants; no person had an issue with it because, at that time, it is everything they get from the marijuana strain. 

People use strains of over 20% THC efficiently with legal dispensaries from the legal state. 

It is an important tip for the user not to take the most potent strain because, at a point in time, it becomes far too potent for the user.

Gorilla glue strain is the most potent strain in the world, it was developed by GG strain, and it is a cross of sour, bubble, chocolate diesel. 

Gorilla glue strain is popular among other strains with a high THC content rate around 18 to 25%. 

The CBD level of gorilla glue is low, which ranges from 0.05 to 0.1 per cent approx.

The gorilla glue strain’s aroma is very powerful, mainly like the diesel with extracts of chocolates and coffee. The taste of this strain is similar to other marijuana strains, which is earthy and sweet. 


It gives the feeling of chill, relaxation and is very effective for medical and recreational purposes. It provides uplifting cerebral effects to the users; the strain is not used in the morning; it suits more at the end of the day.

It gives the balance side effects of sativa and indica in the range of 50 – 50%. Its varieties has some tiny cannabinoids. 

Growth of gorilla glue strain

Gorilla glue strain can be grown indoors and outdoors as well; the grower needs more than a single scissor at the time of harvesting gorilla glue whether you grow a single pack of these plants. It requires a pack of magnesium, calcium, sulphur with the general combination of phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. 

The strain needs an average temperature to grow around 80 degrees for completing the growth process effectively. Keep the plants in humidity levels of between 60% (in the beginning) to 45%(during flowering stages).

If the grower begins planting gorilla glue outdoors, the plants get ready for harvesting in the middle of October as it only produces up to 21 ounces on each plant of the strain. 

This strain is resistant to pesticides and fungus, and other types of diseases; if a grower needs to improve the gorilla glue’s yield, then adding CO2 in the grow room or area is a productive way to grow quality strain in less time. 

CO2 increases the levels to 1000 parts per million, by which the gorilla glue plant could give even more buds than expected. 


 Then, gorilla glue strain is the most potent and powerful strain to grow from most of the other strain. It gives a happy feeling to the user by which they feel more relaxed. Many of the medical patients of marijuana choose gorilla glue strains as mild sedatives. Like any other strain, gorilla glue has some benefits along with some side effects. Get the variety of gorilla grain strain from various online sites


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