An overview of felony examples and traffic laws

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A felony can, in simple words states a severe crime that can be punished for more than a year or sentenced to the death penalty. Felony is one of the significant Crimes prevailing globally whose numbers have been increasing day by day despite strict actions and laws against them.

Examples of Felony are as follows:


It is a criminal act of killing one person by another or a group of people. There are severe consequences for these crimes. A felony who has committed such crimes is usually sentenced to life imprisonment or hang till death. There is no escape from these crime punishments.


People tend to take the life of a person for various reasons. They take it for the revenge or agony which they hold against the victim. Sometimes it’s all about money and wealth. Some psychopaths chose to kill as a hobby for the fun of being. One more term common under this crime is ‘Serial Killer.’ They usually carry out this crime to fill their pocket with money or have a mental illness that makes them execute the offense.


Under this criminal activity, the victim has been taken to a place without any mutual consideration or willingly. The person who kidnaps the victim is known as a kidnapper. Kidnapper takes the victim to an isolated area or determined place as per their planning and asks the family member of the sufferer for wealth in return.


Kidnapping takes place with the motive of deriving money in return. It also involves the abduction of children or females and sells them to human trafficking criminals.

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When a person gets intimated with their partner against the willingness is termed rape. It can also be explained as unlawful intercourse by a man with a woman against her will, without mutual consideration. It is a severe crime where the person might get the death penalty or prison for a lifetime. The majority of the victims of this crime are female.


The most common reason found out is the lust for physical need. It is due to the filthy mindset or mentally ill. There are cases where the person has attempted rape, intending to take revenge or cause harm to a rape victim. In this case, due to the injuries caused, the victim might die.


Burglary can be explained as breaking or entering illegally into the bank, house, or any property without permission to commit a crime. Theft and burglary are very similar to each other. Theft involves:

Taking someone’s property without his or her permission, while burglary and robbery often involve serious actions such as violence.

  • Breaking the building.
  • Sometimes usage of a deadly weapon to accomplish the cause.


Money remains the topmost priority to conduct robbery or burglary. But there are also other reasons such as kidnapping or murder purposes where the criminal enters or breaks into the building.


It involves destroying the property by setting fire willingly and intentionally. Under this criminal act, a felony is too lengthy a prison sentence or huge fines.


It gets carried out to cause damage to the victim in terms of wealth and psychological. 

Things to know about traffic law

A traffic violation means breaking the traffic laws determined by the respective country. Violation of the rules can be intentional or unintentional, but the penalties for the same are constant. The increase in road accidents because of various factors has led to an increase in the seriousness of traffic laws. A traffic violation may impose high fines and get you arrested for more information [click on the link].

Types of traffic violation


It includes parking violations where the driver parks the vehicle in the restricted areas, driving without a license, expired insurance policy of the car, not using seat belts, not following the traffic signals, etc.


It includes drinking and driving, overspeeding, using a mobile phone while driving, hit and run scenarios, etc.

All these activities violate traffic laws.


Felony allots Severe punishments. The sentences may include imprisonment for more than one year, the death penalty, and losing all the voting rights and licenses, respectively. A felony charge will stay on your record for life. Therefore, one should follow the country’s law and stay away from such illegal activities to avoid destroying one’s life


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