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With excellent education standards and a multicultural educational environment, Singapore is a hotspot and melting pot for international students. Singapore is the very epitome of an international city. The nation itself comprises multiple ethnicities and nationalities and is a shining example of what can be achieved when people set aside their differences and come together for a greater good. Being a home to a large number of people from all over the world who work and live there, a large number of these are Indians. Interestingly, ethnic Indians have had a very long association with Singapore with a large number of Tamilians having settled in Singapore since colonial times. The primary question troubling any family who comes to live in Singapore is regarding the quality of educational facilities accessible for school going children. Fortunately, Singapore is very well endowed with these.

Ranked within the top 200 universities in the world, Singaporean educational institutes live up to their reputation and quality. The best part of studying here is its international students from around the globe including India. The most well reputed and trusted International School in this Malayan island is ‘Global Indian International School’.

As one of the top-rated Singapore International Schools, GIIS has benchmarked its curriculum to the best programmes available worldwide. Their aim is to become the Best School in Singapore by reaching global standards with their education approach & learning methodologies. They have been accolated by both national and international organisations for its quality and excellence. These have been awarded to them in areas like management processes, operational methodologies and curriculum delivery. They follow a motto of “Schools That Learn” as they improve themselves with every passing year. GIIS campuses are well-equipped with modern facilities to make students’ academic journey technology oriented.  In order to make room for academic learning as well as creative expression for kids, they have also built infrastructure around both academic and extracurricular activities. Their endeavour is to make learning a joyous experience for students and offer them world-class facilities that they expect from the Best Private Schools.


An array of international curricula that they offer make GIIS one of the Best International Schools in Singapore. This helps and guides the student to create a personalised academic journey as per their choices.

  •       Global Montessori Plus Programme for kids in Nursery, KG 1 and KG2
  •       Cambridge CLSP for kids in grade 6 to 7
  •       Cambridge IGCSE for kids in grade 8 to 9
  •       CBSE for kids in grade 1 to 12
  •       IB for primary years
  •       IB for Diploma Programme

One of the major hallmarks of GIIS is the Global Montessori Plus Programme, an award-winning programme which offers a blend of the reputed Montessori approach with best practices of modern pre-school education. An experiential type of learning is what Montessori education represents in essence which allows the child to learn from his/her own experiences and at his/her own pace. A kindergarten school or preschool curriculum of its kind, GMP rests on five solid pillars that will give the pre-schoolers a strong stepping stone when they commence their student life. They have a qualified set of kindergarten school teachers have a passion for teaching and learning and are handpicked for every class. Of the many important criteria that they look for in teachers, excellence in teaching remains foremost. GMP aids every child to undergo a smooth transition to class 1 which requires skills like reading, writing and numeracy. This provides students in Kindergarten 2 to smoothen transition to primary school.

In a world, it is crucial that the students are well-prepared to take on the challenges. Therefore, GIIS developed the 9Gems educational framework. This uniquely designed framework focuses on nurturing well-rounded individuals who are competent to succeed anywhere. Academic excellence lies at the heart of the 9Gems framework. Yet it equally focuses on other aspects like leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, sports, arts, community, ethics etc. The framework’s innovation is conveyed through its assessed, age-appropriate and versatile approach to student development that turns them into well-evolved individuals.

Activities and Events:  They not only focus on your child’s journey of knowledge but also try to inculcate the qualities of the NextGen Leaders in them. They believe that children are natural entrepreneurs – curious, ambitious, and enthusiastic. For example selling the garden produce during class presentations, selling compost made during school events and coordinating as teams to market products help to tap on their entrepreneurial skills. This leadership module gives opportunities to every preschooler to be a leader alternately, therefore making  them realise the sense of responsibility and leadership.

It is always beneficial for kids to be involved in both, extracurricular and co-curricular activities to grow academically and personally. This allows kids to explore and nurture their innate talents apart from academics and inculcate life skills like management and good leadership. Offering a wide range of ECAs and CCAs, children of all interests and backgrounds are able to find their calling. Choices including swimming, tae-kwon-do, clay making and needlework, are given to the kids so that they appeal to almost every student on the campus.

Fee Structure:  GIIS is also in talks due to its affordable school fees of preschool in Singapore. It’s decently priced to make education convenient to students from all sections. The fees are in best accordance with CPE’s Singapore international school fees standards.

Scholarships at GIIS:  The Global Indian International School in Singapore offers scholarships to students who deserve them and are meritorious enough to have it. The categories include academia, sports, merit-cum-means and scientific temperament. This helps to boost a child’s interest and encourages others to perform better in every term.




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