All You Need to Know about Bhulekh UP

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Bhulekh UP is the online portal of the State Government of Uttar Pradesh (UP). It has been launched by the Revenue Council of the Uttar Pradesh Government. 

All tasks concerned with the land records in UP like Khasra Khatoni UP system, Jamabandi and more were manually done. It was before the launch of the Bhulekh UP portal. 

It led people to visit the UP land record offices of the Government. People had to wait for a long time to get their results, and it also led to the bribing of officials. 

But with the introduction of the Bhulekh UP, all land records have been digitized. Hence, it is possible to check land records on the Bhulekh UP

Let’s know about the basic aspects of the Bhulekh UP in this post!

What is Bhulekh UP?

UP Bhulekh is a website that is responsible for maintaining UP Khasra Khatoni and other vital land details. It is a much organised computerized system that offers utmost transparency. Now, it is possible to check land record information from the comforts of homes. In turn, people can also stay safe from the menace of COVID-19. 

What is the objective of the Bhulekh UP?

It is a fact that online portals are systematic and transparent compared to manual ways of gathering land records details. Now, people can simply land on the official website of the UP Government or app and get all details quickly. The key objective of the portal is to provide correct land records without anyone going anywhere manually. 

What are online services provided by the Bhulekh UP portal?

The Uttar Pradesh UP Bhulekh portal offers hassle-free assistance to the citizens of the state. With the help of this website, it has become possible to get advantages of multiple services, such as: 

  • E district. 
  • Stamp and registry. 
  • Complaint registration. 
  • Revenue suit. 
  • Tracking the status of grievances/complaints. 


What steps to follow to check UP land records online on Bhulekh UP?

Bhulekh UP is an online portal, and many people don’t know how to check their land records on the go using the same. 

If you are also one of them, there is nothing to worry about. 

It is because you can follow the step-by-step procedure to check UP land records like the imitation of Khatoni on the UP Bhulekh website. Let’s take a look: 

  1. Land on the official website of the UP Bhulekh. 
  2. On the homepage, click on ‘See imitation of Khatoni link (rights record)’. 
  3. A form will open where you need to enter the captcha code as it is. Before hitting the ‘Submit’ button, you should ensure you have punched in the correct code. 
  4. Now, you need to select the district from the list. 
  5. You have to select a Tehsil from the list of so many. 
  6. You have to choose a village name from the list. You can type the first letter of your village to select the correct name faster. 
  7. It is time to enter the correct details in the space. You will have 3 options to search. It is by entering Gata no, account number or by account holder name. Click on the ‘See Evaluation’ button after entering the correct credentials. 
  8. You will be able to see your account details on the screen. It will have information like account holder name, district, order, area, land record number, district and crop year. 
  9. Finally, if you want to save the page or can simply take a screenshot for future references. But, the details of your land are already stored in the database. Hence, it has become possible to fetch it anytime and anywhere. 

What are you waiting for? Land on the Bhulekh UP portal right away, and start gathering different details about your land in Uttar Pradesh. 


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