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Every morning as I get up, I reach for the custom coffee boxes sitting in my cabinet to decide on the flavor according to my mood and start my day. Ever since I relocated to America some two decades ago, I have switched from tea to coffee. While my Indian cousins would still order a chai latte, I drown myself in coffee and let my anxiety melt away. I always keep more than one flavor of coffee with me to enjoy it around the clock. Nothing satisfies me more than the sight of custom coffee boxes stacked up neatly in my kitchen cabinets. Every morning as I get up and make a cuppa coffee for myself, I wonder how many people know about this trendy drink’s history worldwide. Today, as I decide to write my blog, I plan to highlight the history of coffee and how it came to be.

Fun facts about coffee history 

Sometimes I wonder why coffee brands don’t print coffee history more often on their printed coffee boxes. Usually, I see premium coffee printed boxes with exclusive add-ons like gold foil stamping, which demonstrate the high-quality of the products inside. It leaves me wondering why brands do not think about letting people know about the interesting facts about coffee itself. Anyway, here are few fun historical facts for all the coffee-lovers out there. 

Long before humans realized the kick they get from caffeine in coffee, the goats used to enjoy the Coffea plant’s fruits. In the ninth century, the farmers found their goats ‘appeared’ to be dancing after snacking on this plant. Much later, a monk decided to experiment with the plant and made himself a beverage that kept him awake all night. It was probably the first cup of coffee ever brewed. 

I feel that primitive civilizations experimented more with coffee than we do in the modern times. Did you they mixed coffee berries with fat. This was probably the first energy snack ball created by humans. In fact, the fermented pulp of the fruit was also used to make a drink similar to wine. 

The custom coffee boxes USA include important information like;

  1. Net weight of the product
  2. Barcode
  3. Retail price and sales tax etc.
  4. Instructions 
  5. Number of servings 
  6. Storage instructions
  7. Company postal address
  8. Company web address
  9. Email and other contact details etc. 

Based on this information, potential customers can make buying decisions instantly. Some brands opt for coffee packaging boxes in a single color. They do not add many design elements and only highlight the logos. These brands are mostly heritage or premium ones. They understand the power of a renowned logo. They use premium add-ons like Spot UV on their logos to ensure that they remain visible even under dim lights. 

I love picking out sachets from the Tuck Top Gravity Feed Coffee Boxes at various retails. I love how accessible the coffee is in these boxes. These boxes have a unique cut fold-out opening, which transforms them into a dispenser box. It allows coffee sachets to be taken conveniently. Every time I spot one on the counters, I get drawn to them like a moth to a flame. I think it is a great way to test new flavors before adding them to my coffee collection.

Before Buying Custom Coffee Boxes!

Make sure to read the information on custom printed coffee boxes before buying. Often my friends complain that their coffee gets moldy after some time of use. To prevent that from happening, always freeze your coffee jars that are not frequently used. If you are a brand that is looking for attractive, durable, and functional custom coffee boxes for your brand, make sure to check out options with ClipnBox.


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