Advantages of Puzzles for Child Development

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What happens when you first give a toddler puzzles to play with? They try to force them together with their cute little hands. With practice, the same jigsaw puzzle will be playtime and a quiet-time favorite for them. Your child will go on to solve other similar puzzles easily. With the constant challenge in this form, their brain will have to develop.

Puzzles are a hit among people of all age groups. It is a simple and excellent learning tool that teaches children many essential life skills. 

Below, are some of the benefits of the educational toys- blocks and puzzles for your kid’s development-

1. Concentration

A short attention span is common in young children. They can concentrate for 2-5 minutes multiplied by their age. For instance, a 3-year-old can concentrate on a task for 6 to 15 minutes while a 4-year-old may last for 8 to 20 minutes.

Puzzles are the ideal toys to build concentration power in kids. Solving a puzzle until completion gives kids the opportunity to work on one task for a long time. 

So can start incorporating puzzles in the pay time in the following steps:

  • Start by solving the puzzle with them or giving some verbal guidance.
  • With time as the kid develops their skills, try to gradually reduce your interference.
  • Now you can sit nearby and just watch them assemble the puzzle without assistance.

2. Spatial Awareness

It means being aware of yourself in a space and how other objects correlate to each other and you. Spatial awareness also requires recognizing how relationships between things change when one or more of them is moved.

While working on puzzles, spatial perception comes can be learned! Children identify how pieces fit together observing their shapes and colors. 

3.  Shape Recognition


Toddlers can distinguish between shapes like circles, triangles, rectangles, and squares, once they learn to solve puzzles associated with the concept. They learn to identify how the shapes are unique.

‘Zia Play Along’ puzzles can teach geometric forms or the outline shapes of vehicles, animals, or people. More complex educational toys suitable for different age groups are also available on their website. It is the best place to buy Grimm’s toys for children.

From fine motor to problem-solving and social skills, the benefits of puzzles for children’s development are diverse. These types of educational toys can help your kids learn cognitive, physical, and emotional skills that support them in adult life.

With age-appropriate educational toys, it is easy to increase the difficulty of the puzzles. This can help them spend time alone without getting bored, include other children to solve the puzzle, and learn alphabets, numbers, and names of things. 

What about the space children spend most of their time in? Don’t worry, as ‘Zia Play-Along’ provides you the option to order online nursery décor for kids, educational toys, soft and beautiful knitted soft toys. Shop from their aesthetic collection for an exciting playtime for little ones and  inspire learning!


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