Add that instant pop of style to any boring outfit, go for leopard print wear!

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Animal print has had a hate and love relationship with the fashion industry for the longest time now. From leopard printed boots to cheetah print trench coats- animal print can instantly spice up any look. Leopard print wear nowadays is a growing trend among people. In this article, we have focused on top animal print trends that you can rock in any season!

What is so unique about leopard print clothes?

Leopard print is considered as a sign of power and self-confidence. All the fashion designers and wardrobe experts love to put their creativity in designing leopard print denim, tops and other accessories. In the fifties, the leopard print fur coat was introduced that rocked the western fashion culture. Over the years this culture has fluctuated and switched its position between high-class and low-class patterns. Below are some of the most versatile leopard print trends that we’ve seen and loved so far.

Leopard print as an accessory

You can get a leopard print accessory on the shirt or the pants. Because of its attractive and unique design. This leopard print clothing can be attached in the center or any corner of the cloth where it goes best and beautifies the style of the garment. This leopard print is highly appealing and creates a great influence on the people who see it. Apart from garments, it can also be used on other accessories like a purse, scarfs, face masks, caps, and other types of wearables.

A leopard denim

The leopard clothing for women also includes leopard denim which can nail any combination with a wearable on the top. The leather jacket will go best with these leopard print bottoms which is a popular combination among all the fashionistas. It also looks good with a black t-shirt that gives you an  edgy look and adds style to your outlook..

The combination of leopard and leather

As mentioned above the leopard’s women’s clothing wardrobe doesn’t leave a chance to fit in leather. The faux leather emphasizes the side of the leopard print. A well-designed faux leather jacket or pants with a leopard print can make the woman look dashing and modernistic.

The leather can also be accessorized with a leopard print in a bow or a belt or a leopard printed women vest to combine it with the outfit and add value to it.


Leopard style outfits are famous among wildlife photographers or a group of people who are into adventure sports. People who like going to jungle safari for leisure or a thrilling experience, wear leopard print outfits. On such occasions, the leopard print clothes can be used as outerwear. The women passionate about wildlife photography or adventure activities use leopard print garments for their outwear.

Leopard print shoes

A leopard print shoes combined with leopard tops and leopard printed bottoms give an outstanding look, and the shoes worn at the bottom finishes it. The shoes with the print of leopard can be combined with leopard printed outfits, and other garments as well.

The colour of the shoes gives a bright glow to the entire outfit and quickly grabs the attention of the people whooshes it. The structuring of the outfit matters and creates a great influence on the people who see it.

Thus, this is the rising trend of clothing among all the fashionistas and models. This leopard print clothing will create a mesmerizing scenario in the fashion industry very soon.


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