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Have you ever heard about Tinda vegetable? What are the benefits of the Tinda vegetable? Praecitrullus fistulosus is the scientific name of a baby pumpkin. Tinda is a name used by Indian languages like Marathi, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. The other name of tinda is Round melon, baby pumpkin. Green vegetables are useful for health. From ancient times Ayurveda has proven that daily use of green vegetables will keep you healthy. It will remove the illness from the liver, stomach, and skin. Some of the health benefits will amaze you.

Health benefits of round melon

Round melon also known as tinda vegetable has various health benefits. Go through the certain points mentioned below to know the benefits.

Weight loss

Obesity is the biggest problem in this century. All over the globe people admire losing weight and have a slim body. Maintenance of weight is not an easy task. Only a low-calorie diet will give you a proper slim body. Green baby pumpkin is known for low-calorie and high nutrition. Those who want a strict diet can use them to maintain proper weight. Dietary fibers get easily dissolved in the stomach. Due to this, you will feel full for a longer period and the craving for food will be less. Tinda vegetable is giving you this opportunity so never miss the chance and have it in huge amount.

Functioning of heart

You might be facing problems related to the heart. You might have a high cholesterol level due to which heart-related issues become more dangerous. The green vegetable when boiled and consumed reduces heart problems and improves the circulation of blood flow. Tinda vegetable is one of those green vegetables used in an Indian dish. There are many standard homemade family uses boiled vegetables to reduce the cholesterol level. Regular use of green baby pumpkins will keep your health fit and fine.

Functioning of kidney

The kidney is an essential part of our body. The green baby pumpkin eliminates all the waste from your body through the excretory system. The secretion of fluid in the kidney gets toxified at the same time. The proper hydration for your internal organs present in the body is useful. You will find Tinda juice in the market which you can consume on a daily basis to reduce the risk of the kidney.

Digestive system 

The digestive system is the basic human part. If your digestive system is good no disease will harm you. To keep your digestive system up to mark use Tinda vegetable. It will prevent your body from constipation, cramping in the stomach, and much more.

Functioning of the respiratory system

The green vegetable none other than baby pumpkin can lose an excessive amount of mucus separation from the respiratory tract. Consuming green vegetables will benefit your lungs and you will be far away from breathing issues and allergies.

Joint illness

Proper healing and joint illness are correlated. A joint disorder like osteoporosis, fracture needs proper healing. The absence of calcium, magnesium, and iron will reduce the movement of bones. To gather proper movement of muscle and joint use baby pumpkin.

Immunity booster

Immunity is the powerhouse of Vitamin. The current scenario of COVID-19 requires immunity in the body. Consuming green vegetables will give you vitamin C and help the blood cell to transport organs and recover at a high level.

How is Tinda Useful for skin?

Can we assume that tinda vegetable Naturally moisturize your skin? We can assume this cause it has an antioxidant property that will smoothen your skin. The type of gel which gets extracted from the vegetable is applied on rashes and burnt areas Which will make your skin move pacify and soothing. Your dry skin will become soft and will get completely moisturized.

This vegetable shows a positive impact on your skin infection. Skin infections like allergies, fungal infections, spots on the skin or Sun Rays, and environmental pollutants. Any type of skin-related issue will be solved with tinda vegetable.

How to improve hair growth?

One of the latest questions can baby pumpkins promote hair growth? The answer to this question is yes it can promote your hair growth by providing multiple vitamins, minerals. This vitamin and minerals will nourish your hair. The problem of thickness and stability of hair will be solved if you apply this vegetable. Your hair will always look long and strong.

It also tackles the excess amount of dandruff in your hair. Dandruff on the scalp of hair is irritating. Apply the ingredients made of tinda to get rid of dandruff.


Till now you might be well aware of tinda vegetables. The useful effect of green vegetables in human life acts as a booster. To have proper health consume green vegetables and change the interest in your life. One of the best quotations for health is “ Life is short, maintain health in this short duration”. Health is the only valuable asset of human life.


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