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The National University of Sciences & Technology, commonly known as NUST, is a public research university with three campuses in Pakistan. The main NUST campus is in Islamabad, while others are in Karachi and Quetta. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in various disciplines, including Engineering, Architecture, Business Studies, and Biosciences. According to the QS World University Rankings 2021, the NUST ranking is 355th (in the world) and 76th (in Asia). That is why every student’s dream is to get enrolled in the prestigious University of Pakistan.

Which Entry Test Required to Get in NUST? 

Students who want to get in NUST need to appear in NET, conducted in three series. The NET is conducted on all three campuses. However, only on the Islamabad campus, the NET is conducted in a computer-based format. Some other salient features of NUST are:

  • Candidates can appear in NET more than once. The best score out of three attempts is considered for admission.
  • Candidates can only give one attempt (in any one series) for a particular discipline.
  • Candidates can choose the date of their choice for the series they appear for.
  • NET is compiled from HSSC textbooks, and they are advised to consult all the books of various educational boards of Pakistan.
  • For the Karachi and Quetta campuses, NET is conducted in a paper-based format in March & July.
  • Candidates get their result online within 24-hours after appearing for NET.

What are the Undergraduate programs offered at NUST?

NUST offers three main programs, which are further divided into several other disciplines:

  1. Engineering, IT and Computer Sciences
  2. Business Studies, Social Sciences and Architecture
  3. Natural and Applied Biosciences

Stepping into the world of NUST Applied Biosciences

NUST offers an undergraduate program in applied biosciences degree that helps students explore life from chemicals to molecules and cells. Students get to choose elective courses from biopharmaceutical, food & agriculture technology, molecular diagnostics, and virology & immunology.

The Atta-ur-Rahman School of Applied Biosciences (ASAB) of NUST enables students to access all sorts of biotechnological skills with the state-of-art teaching and research facility. Research and training programs are offered in collaboration with other institutions of Pakistan and abroad both.

Eligibility Criteria for NUST Applied Biosciences

The candidates who want to appear for the undergraduate program of applied biosciences in National University of Sciences & Technology must meet the following eligibility criteria to give NET:

  • The Candidate must have done FSc (Pre-Medical) / O-Level (Science Group) & A-Level (Equivalence of Pre-Medical Group). Students who have studied Chemistry and Biology out of three subjects can also apply for NET.
  • It is mandatory to have 60% aggregate marks in SSC (Matric/O-Level) and HSSC (FSc/A-Level)
  • Candidates who have been promoted to FSc (Part-II) without giving Part-I examination due to COVID-19 in session 2020 can apply based on matriculation result.
  • A medical certificate issued by any government hospital/medical practitioner is mandatory is to be provided by the Candidate at the time of joining a program.


Test Pattern of NUST Applied Biosciences

There is a total of 200 MCQs asked in the NET of NUST Applied Biosciences. The questions are asked from FSc (Part I&!!). Following is the subject and weightage they hold in the NUST NET:

  • Biology (40%)
  • Chemistry (30%)
  • Physics (15%)
  • English (10%)
  • Intelligence (5%)

The candidates applying for BS Chemistry will have their merit calculated based on Chemistry, English, and Intelligence scores.

Merit Calculation of NUST Applied Biosciences

The BS applied biosciences NUST merit is compiled based on FSc complete result. However, the following is the breakdown of merit calculation:

  • NUST Entry Test (75%)
  • HSSC/A Level / Equivalent (15%)
  • Matriculation / O level (10%)

How to prepare for NUST Applied Biosciences?

The candidates appearing for the NUST Applied Biosciences exam needs to have helpful preparation material based on the NUST biosciences syllabus and past papers to understand the nature of the questions asked in NUST NET. Following are some valuable resources for the preparation:

  1. Ultimate Guide for NUST NET Biological Sciences

The comprehensive guidebook by Dogar Books is an ideal source for the students to prepare for the NUST Applied Biosciences. Through the Ultimate Guide for NUST NET Biological Sciences, students can solve practice questions, grab concepts through detailed notes and get all the relevant test information. Some salient features of this book are:


  • Includes full-length diagnostic tests.
  • Detailed notes for an in-depth learning and to crack questions of all the difficulty levels.
  • Questions from the past papers of NET
  • Practice Exercises along with answers to enhance student’s understanding.
  • Answers with detailed explanations to cover weak areas of students and score well.
  • Covers extra topics and possible NUST NET questions.


  1. Download E-Books from Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board

Candidates can view/download E-Books of the Punjab Curriculum &Textbook Board. There are books of edition 2020 of a variety of subjects from Class-I till Class XI-XII. Since the NET has complied with the HSSC course, students can consult the Chemistry, Biology and Physics books of both Part-I and Part-II.


Practice Questions BS NUST Applied Biosciences

Here are some practice questions from the various test portions of the NET.

  1. A professor is to erudite as an inventor is to:

  1. Conscientious
  2. Forgiving
  3. Imaginative
  4. Wealthy
  5. Meticulous


  1. What will come next in the following series? 27 81 243 729?

  1. 2240
  2. 2187
  3. 1800
  4. 4290
  5. 1250


  1. What is the function of sclerenchymatous cells in plants?
  1. They translocate food.
  2. They give support to the plant.
  3. They carry out photosynthesis.
  4. They store surplus food.


  1. Antigen binds to the antibody at which site?
  1. Heavy Chains
  2. Light Chains
  3. Constant portion
  4. Variable portion


  1. A foreign piece of DNA is attached with the plasmid to get recombinant DNA using enzyme:
  1. DNA polymerase
  2. DNA endonuclease
  3. DNA Ligase
  4. Reverse Transcriptase

Final Verdict

If you are preparing for NUST Applied Biosciences and want to score 140+ in your NET, practice a lot. Grab the significant concept of Biology, Physics and Chemistry and solve questions daily. Consult the best-selling Ultimate Guide for NUST NET Biological Sciences and rest assured, you will ace in the NET Series-1.

Know all the answers to the practice questions? Let us know in the comments section!


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