A Technical Guide To Set Up Manual Payroll In QuickBooks

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To set up manual payroll in QuickBooks, you need to abide by or follow certain steps. You can use the features of payroll without subscribing to Intuit by activating the manual payroll in QB. You can record your payroll transactions and set up payroll in QuickBooks. All this can be achieved manually by implementing or following the right steps. After reading this blog, you can proactively set up manual payroll with ease.

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Some Information Required To Set Up Manual Payroll In QuickBooks

There are some facts you should know before you start with the actual steps. You must enable payroll inside your QuickBooks settings. Setting up payroll means you need to calculate and enter your payroll taxes all by yourself. This includes filing your tax forms manually. Before you make some changes, you must update your version of QuickBooks. Doing so will get you the newest improvements and fixes. Implement the steps given below to update QuickBooks:

  1. You can set up automatic updates by clicking on the Help menu and choosing Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Move to the Update Now tab. You can choose the Reset Update checkbox to clear all former update downloads.
  3. Choose get Updates to start the download.
  4. You can restart QuickBooks when the download is finished.
  5. Now, accept the option to install the new release.
  6. You can certainly schedule the updates for a later time. To initiate this process, you can navigate to the Help menu. Choose Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  7. Move to the Options tab.
  8. Choose Yes to turn on automatic updates. You can choose Yes for every computer if you wish to share automatic downloads with other computers on the network.
  9. Finally, choose Close.

With these measures taken care of, you can now move to the actual steps that implement this procedure.

A Step-By-Step Process To Set Up Manual Payroll

Following the correct steps can implement this procedure in one go. It’s better to do it right initially to avoid any mistakes or errors that the steps for this process can bring about. Execute the steps given below:

  1. Open QuickBooks. From the Edit tab, click on Preferences.
  2. Choose Payroll And Employees and click on the Company Preferences tab. Full Payroll choice must be marked in the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Features section.
  3. Click on the Help option and choose QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  4. Type Manual Payroll in the search box of the Help window. Now, press the Enter key on your keyboard. You can also click the Search button.
  5. Click on Calculate Payroll Manually.
  6. Click on Manual Payroll Calculations to set your company file to use.
  7. Click on Set My Computer File To Use Manual Calculations.
  8. Now, click on OK when the popup window appears.
  9. Restart QuickBooks. In the Employees section, you can view new options to manage your employee’s payroll.
  10. Finally, click Pay Employees in the Employees tab to add employees. You can now set up their payroll manually.


You can set up manual payroll in QuickBooks by implementing certain measures explained in this blog. Make sure to execute all the steps mentioned carefully. Also, update QuickBooks if required. You should also take care of any pre-requisites if necessary. With this in mind, you can quickly set up manual payroll and implement the functions from it in a matter of time.

You can also call the Professional Team of QuickBooks at (1-855-948-3646) if you need professional help and support in implementing this process.


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