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 Snowflake is dominating the data warehouse space for a year now. Despite being the only data warehouse for the cloud, Snowflake has reduced its clients’ expenditure by 10X with its multi-cluster hybrid architecture and various cloud features.

Being built on popular cloud infrastructures such as AWS and Azure, more and more specialists are signing up for Snowflake certification for its architecture and brilliant data sharing capabilities.

Before we learn more on Snowflake certification and how beneficial it is in today’s market, let’s quickly understand what Snowflake is, its infrastructure, and the benefits.


What Is Snowflake? Why Is It So Popular?

Snowflake is a cloud data warehouse that automatically scales to bring the right balance between costs vs performance without affecting any features. With Snowflake, a user can store all data in one place, compute independently, and pay separately for computation and storage.

Snowflake is famous for its dynamic, scalable computing power to simplify data processing. Users can do data analysis, data blending, and transform various data structures with one language, SQL.

Besides providing fully managed storage, Snowflake’s multiple on-demand computing functionalities are popular purely for their usage. For example, it automatically suspends action when the warehouse is idle for a while and resumes in just about seconds when any query is placed.


Snowflake Architecture Layers

Snowflake’s architecture has three independently scalable layers:

  • Storage: The database storage layer holds and manages all aspects of structured and unstructured data and charges users based on the usage every month.
  • Compute: The compute layer is for processing data for various queries. It comprises a cluster of virtual warehouses for accessing data and computing recourses to work independently.
  • Services: The cloud services layer coordinates with the entire system using ANSI SQL without manual tuning and data warehouse management. The additional features include authentication, access control, and infrastructure management.


What Are The Benefits Of Using Snowflake For Your Business?

Snowflake is specially built to eliminate the everyday challenges of data warehouses like data transformation, delay or failure in handling high volumes of queries, and of course, limited scalability. Here are the additional ways your business can benefit from Snowflake.

  • Snowflake for the cloud is elastic, and loads and processes high query volumes faster. You can scale up and down the resources based on the requirements and only pay for the time used.
  • It allows users to combine data for analysis and then load it into the database without transformation.
  • Snowflake enables users or organisations to share data through the user interface seamlessly.
  • Snowflake is uniquely created to operate during network failures. In addition, it has all the necessary security certifications to support data encryption for all networks.

Considering the benefits Snowflake offers to an organisation, data professionals are signing up for Snowflake certification to master the core solutions. So let’s now look into the details of Snowflake certification and training.


What Is Snowflake Certification?

Today, certification plays a pivotal role in determining an individual’s expertise in the subject or domain. For example, let’s say you are a university student in urgent need of a professional dissertation writer because of time limitations. The chances are that you will look for instant all assignment help websites with highly qualified writers.

Top-ranked websites that offer Revit assignment help, philosophy assignment help, or dissertation writing help are aware of this factor. They hire writers with the necessary certifications and qualifications to ensure top-notch quality to students.

Similarly, a Snowflake certification demonstrates an individual’s thorough understanding of Snowflake solutions and their expertise in applying various aspects to migrate to Snowflake. Only certified candidates have the required knowledge to implement solutions and migrate to Snowflake.

Certification is awarded to individuals who complete the course, exhibit architectural principles, and design, and manage the core solutions for achieving business objectives. Simply put, the candidate must exhibit their expertise in:

  • Loading and transforming data in Snowflake
  • Data sharing and data movement
  • Working with structured and semi-structured data
  • Scaling virtual warehouses to eliminate concurrency and boost performance
  • DDL & DML operations
  • Handling Snowflake accounts
  • Data protection


Snowflake Certificate Course & Exam

The Snowflake certification course’s core subject breakdown –

  • Account and security – 10-15%
  • Data movement – 11-20%
  • Overview and architecture – 25-30%
  • Virtual warehouses – 15-20%
  • Performance management – 5-10%
  • Storage and protection – 10 -15%


The candidate is tested based on 100 questions in multiple choices, true/false, or multiple select formats. The exam duration is two hours and is available in two languages – English and Japanese with a registration fee of 175 USD. For calculating scores, a scale of 100-100 is used where 750 is the passing score.

Candidates looking to register for the Snowflake test need to create an account on Kryterion Testing Center and complete the registration formalities. S/he can also give the exam through an online proctoring – Webassesor on a preferred date and time.


Who Can Sign Up For A Snowflake Certification Program?

Well, anyone who knows data and cloud services.  If you are interested in establishing a career in data warehousing, data analytics, and big data, a Snowflake certification program will be of great advantage.

However, before enrolling, make sure you brush up on your understanding of the following:

  • Database – basic concepts
  • Common terminologies of SQL and database
  • Authentication and authorisation
  • Cloud fundamentals and cloud services
  • Cloud computing – fundamentals, types, and architecture
  • Data types and data manipulation

There are also advanced courses for data engineers, scientists, architects, analysts, and database administrators who have completed the introductory certification course. Candidates interested in advanced courses must have 2+ years of experience as a Snowflake practitioner.


Which Are The Best Platforms For Snowflake Certification Courses?

Snowflake is becoming increasingly popular for data warehousing. As a result, many companies and academic learning platforms offer certification and training for Snowflake Core and Snowflake Advanced courses. However, three reputed platforms are:

  • Cloud Analytics Academy by Snowflake:

Hosted by Snowflake, Cloud Analytics Academy is led by industry experts to train candidates with the necessary skills in cloud analytics. They also provide group and individual training online or on-site and offer a handful of free courses like data warehousing, data application, and level up series, to name a few.

  • Udemy:

At Udemy, you will get over 4.5 hours of training videos, downloadable resources, and easy access from mobile and TV. The course will help you learn about the Snowflake solutions with different assignments and projects. They also have training modules for candidates at the beginner and intermediate levels to master the fundamentals of data warehousing and databases.

  • Pluralsight:

Pluralsight is a well-known platform for courses on “Managing an Enterprise Snowflake.” The candidate will learn about data sharing, multi-factor authentication, data platform usage, network policies, and so much more of an enterprise Snowflake account. You will have the knowledge, skills, and certification for managing an enterprise Snowflake account on completing the course.



There’s denying that managing a Snowflake account is a massive responsibility and requires specific skills and expertise. However, due to the benefits it offers, more and more organisations are adopting Snowflake to reduce costs. Since it is now in demand, getting certified can enhance your knowledge and propel your career to new heights.


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