A List Of Places That Are Accepting Bitcoins

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Bitcoin has now achieved remarkable abundance and approval all around the world. More and more organizations are getting in the line of places ready to accept Bitcoins as payments. These organizations are also the ones behind the accelerating price of Bitcoin. Not only this, but they are also encouraging people to adopt it. The first country having Bitcoin adoption at maximum is Japan. It has about two lakhs of food stores that are accepting payments only on cryptos. However, there are many places beyond them. In this article, we will look at those places that are accepting Bitcoins. 


Top Places That Are Accepting Bitcoins


1. 4 chan

It is a simple bulletin board that is all based on high-quality images. The platform is available in the English language where you will find a plethora of topics like anime, music, fitness, literature, politics, and many more. At present, 4 chan is accepting payments in Bitcoins. 


2. Alzashop

This one is an ecommerce platform from Slovakia. Alzashop is operational since 2014 and it is beating many competitors in the market. You can buy toys, books, perfumes, and any entertainment stuff from this platform. You can make payments in Bitcoins here. 


3. Badoo

If there is any social media platform focused on dating in Russia, it is Badoo. You can easily meet new people to fill your life without breaking any sweat. They also come up with their digital products and training courses. Pay your Bitcoins and get them in a short time. 


4. Braintree

Braintree is a part of the largest online payment system, PayPal. The company comes from Chicago and it is a specialized one in managing your transactions for ecommerce platforms. Users can have merchant accounts here and they can deal with Bitcoins for purchases. 


5. CheapAir

It is an online travel company from America. The business came out in 1989 and from that time, CheapAir is expanding. Being one of the best Bitcoin-accepting companies, it comes on the list of the top airline companies in the world. Pay your tickets using Bitcoin to CheapAir. 


6. eGifter

eGifter offers a user-friendly environment to all the gifters out there. The presents available here come from 300 top brands in the USA. Just when Bitcoin started gaining traction, eGifter came up with an opportunity for people to pay Bitcoins. The platform hails from New York. 


7. Etsy

Once again, we have a popular ecommerce platform on the list. Etsy is one that offers a vast range of all products that people love to buy for their daily as well as seasonal needs. The vintage products are 20 years old and you can get them with your Bitcoins. 


8. ExpressVPN

Now, the VPN providers are looking for ways to get payments in Bitcoin. VPN providers have an association with the world of cryptocurrencies because both of them work on anonymity. You can receive paid plans from ExpressVPN after making your payments from Bitcoins. 


9. OverStock

It is an online retail giant that mostly deals with furniture. Besides this, you can find decors like floor lamps, table lamps, vases, room dividers, wall decals, clocks, framed prints, and even canvas arts. For paid membership from OverStock, you can send Bitcoins to its account. 


10. Red Cross

ICRC has been helping people who are deprived of a normal life. Many people are helping this organization to grow and they are paying with Bitcoins. Paying with cryptos is also beneficial because you can anonymously help people with their daily needs and supplies. 


11. NameCheap

This one is a domain name provider and you can get up to 99 percent off on WP hosting. Most of the domain names available on this platform are inexpensive and you can use Satoshis to make payments. Create your account with NameCheap and get access to the platform.


12. Virgin Galactic

Spacecraft manufacturers are not behind when it comes to accepting payments in Bitcoins. As Bitcoin is valuable, the company can accept it for orders. Virgin Galactic has successfully created many spacecraft for unique space missions. It is a great one in the business.



In this article, we have seen the top places that are accepting Bitcoins for payments. Now the companies which accept Bitcoin are the ones looking to get into the crypto world themselves. When so many organizations are treating Bitcoin as a mode of payment, it is evident that this crypto has a future. A majority of these places are ecommerce portals because they prefer fast payments. Also, they deal with volumes that can now be handled on blockchains. Accepting payments in Bitcoin is a great move to make profits in less time. With quick transactions, more people visit their platforms and as a result, revenues will double. As time passes by, more and more industries will look for ways to accept crypto payments. 


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