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McAfee is your anti-malware security program, which protects the working system by protecting against virus attacks, private info, and browsing habits. Antivirus software is excellent one of these products. To safeguard your computer, everybody requires an antivirus. McAfee is one of the best antiviruses available on the market nowadays. McAfee is best suited for office and home use with the minimum subscription of this 1-year subscription program, after a year it will automatically revive. And you might also cancel and receive a complete refund within 30 days of an antivirus purchase or 60 days of renewal by calling McAfee, according to the company site.


Mcafee is a really known antivirus on the planet; the cause for this is that they have been supplying the very best services with many improved features. Cancel mcafee subscription is a really easy step. Here we are providing you some detailed measures for the cancellation of the McAfee antivirus subscription bundle and also the process of finding the refund of the package.


Method to Cancel McAfee Antivirus Subscription:


If you would like to cancel the subscription to the McAfee anti-malware, then you want to follow the measures in ascending order to conserve your efforts and time. These measures are simple to comprehend and follow. Below the measures are cited.


Step-1: First Log into your account on the mcafeesecure.com Site.

Step-2: Just click the Avatar picture in the top right corner of this window.

Step-3: Just One navigation bar appear on the flip side, then pick the Subscriptions alternative.

Step-4: After the subscription page loaded, then click the X button that’s next to the subscription you would like to cancel.

Step-5: Practice the entire process to cancel your subscription. At times, you may be educated by supplying a number of extra measures based on your payment and subscription procedure. Complete all of the specified steps for the appropriate cancellation of your McAfee antivirus subscription bundle


If you’re not able to cancel your subscription bundle then contact McAfee client service. They’ll support you in solving your problem immediately. Following the cancellation of this antivirus subscription bundle, another doubt that each consumer has that the way to have a refund or ways to make money back? Thus don’t have to worry we’re talking about the process that the way you’ll find a refund.


Method for Refund Following Cancellation:


If you’re a single user and obtained the products and services of McAfee to their private use, not for company use. You then could cancel your purchase and then get a refund given from McAfee within 30 days of the initial purchase price of the McAfee products.


Occasionally, the subscription was automatically renewed on the machine, then McAfee will supply you a complete refund, just if your petition is made within 60 days of being billed.


Following are the steps to get the Refund:


Step-1: Following the cancellation of this Subscription you want to get customer service to your refund policy.

Step-2: you can find a refund of this revised subscription by an internet conversation using a McAfee representative on the business’s website.

Step-3: you might also receive a refund by dropping an email on the business sites.


By following procedures, you definitely receive a refund but if you’re facing an issue afterward McAfee Customer Support consistently available to help you by offering the very best help and alternative about a refund, cancellation of a subscription, or another matter. The technicians and experts are available24*7 to get immediate help. For fast assistance dial up the toll-free amount of McAfee customer service.


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