A Complete Guide to Choose Between Plasma TV and LED TV

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Gone are the days when television was just restricted to watching our favourite show or movies, it has become an ultimate luxurious experience with so many features we can now browse the internet and do so much more than just watching boring cable channels.

A smart Android TV comes with many inbuilt applications such as amazon, Netflix, prime, and others where you can easily stream and enjoy different series, movies, and music with just a click.However, there are many things you need to consider before buying yourself a television. There are a variety of TV products that vary from each other based on technology, like plasma TV, LCD TV, LED TV, smart TV, OLED TV, and QLED TV.

Choosing which TV would best suit you depend upon your budget, preference, purpose, and utility.

Plasma TV and LED TV: things to consider


A plasma TV makes use of plasma gas, between the glasses of the TV. These panel chambers consist of various gas such as neon and xenon that are present in the form of grids between the layers of glass that make the panel.When electricity passes by these chambers, the UV rays generated result in red, blue, and green colour which makes the image. The picture which you watch on the TV is formed by combining thousands of pixels.

What should you keep in mind while choosing Plasma TV?

The Plasma TV comes with various features such as HD image and full HD quality. While buying a plasma panel, keep your attention on its screen resolution to get a better and high-quality image.If you are considering a plasma panel, then go for HD ready or Full HD view to have the ultimate viewing experience.

Advantages of buying a plasma TV

The plasma TV provides a high-quality picture and comes with a high viewing angle thus, you can easily watch television from various sides comfortably. It features fluid moving images and has a real and high contrast ratio.

What brings them down

They are highly fragile and are prone to damages easily. They are susceptible to burn-in and consume high energy. Mostly these TVs are available in 32 inches only.

LED Television

LED and LCD make use of the same technology, however, they vary on the ground that LED TV make use of LED lightings instead of fluorescent lights which are used in LCD TV’s thus making their efficiency better than LCD television.LED television is thin and is more aesthetic than LCD screens.

What should you consider while choosing LED television?

LED television is based on the concept of backlighting which provides high-quality images. However, you should keep in check that the position of your television will also help in providing good picture quality. If you want to enjoy the LED feature to the fullest then making position adjustments should be considered.

Advantages of choosing LED TV

Led TV, solves the issues of reflection that can occur due to high lights. They are highly energy-efficient and go a long way since they hold the feature of being durable. These TV’s have better contrast, vibrant view, realistic 3D, that is why going for 4K led TV can be a good choice.

Disadvantages of choosing LED TV

These TV can be pretty expensive as compared to the plasma TV, however, the quality justifies the price, so go for LED TV if you have no constraint on your budget. Mounting television on the wall can also become difficult since they come with great dimension depth. However, professionals can help you set up the TV. The major drawback of LED TV is the contrast ratio which is not good as compared to a plasma TV.

In conclusion with

Plasma TV or LED TV, both have their sets of advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the one depends upon your preference, budget, usage, and the room you are planning to buy for. Now you know about both the sets of TV, it will be easier to make a choice. Choose Sanyo smart TV to enjoy your entertainment with best visual and sound qualities.


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