A Complete Guide On How To Get A Permanent Driving Licence In India

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It is necessary to have a driving licence in India if you want the freedom to drive on public roads. You cannot drive a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler without a valid driving licence. Obtaining a driving licence has been made mandatory in accordance with The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, according to which, a person is not allowed to drive a vehicle without a driving permit. The provisions set by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, are the same in the entire nation irrespective of the state or district.

A driving licence is an official document issued by the RTOs to the citizens who want to drive the motor vehicle. The DL certificate basically grants permission that a person has the right to drive vehicles such as bikes, cars, etc on public roads without any expert supervision. However, there is some documentation process and certain formalities that need to be done in order to obtain a driving licence. These formalities include submission of documents, application fee, driving test, etc.

Here are the eligibility criteria to get a driving licence in India:

  • The applicant should be at least 18 years old to get a DL for vehicles with gears
  • In case the vehicle is without gear, then the minimum driving age is 16 years
  • If a person wishes to apply for a commercial vehicle licence, then he/she must have passed at least a class 8th examination
  • The candidate should know the traffic rules and regulations
  • He/she must have valid ID proof and address proof

The application process to get a driving licence is pretty much smoother. Usually, a person has to fill the application form which is available at local RTOs. This application form can also be downloaded from the official state transport website. The filled application form along with the documents has to be submitted to the RTO either through offline or online mode. The application fee remains the same irrespective of the mode. Once the documents are verified, the candidate is called for the driving test. A driving licence is issued only after passing the driving test.

How to apply for a driving license - Information News

As stated above, you can complete the application process either offline or online as per your convenience. Here are the steps you can follow if you wish to apply for DL offline at the RTOs:

Step 1: Go to your concerned zonal Regional Transport Office (RTO). For instance, if you live in Haryana, then RTO Offices in Haryana has to be visited by the candidate

Step 2: Submit the application form along with the other documents

Step 3: Book a slot for the driving test

Step 4: Go to the concerned RTO on the date of the slot booked for driving test

Step 5: After passing the test, the driving licence is issued within 2-3 weeks

If you want to submit your application through online mode, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Visit the website parivahan.gov.in/parivahan

Step 2: Click on “online services” and select driving licence related services’

Step 3: Choose the name of your state. For example, if you are applying for driving licence in Haryana (HR), you have to select Haryana from the given list

Step 4: Select Driving Licence and click on “A New Driving Licence”

Step 5: Press Continue and then enter your applicant details, like the Learner’s licence number, date of birth, etc

Step 7: Upload the mentioned documents along with the photograph

Step 8: Submit the application fee and reserve a slot for the driving test

Step 9: Go to the RTO on the date and time booked in the slot to give the driving test

Step 10: Once a candidate passes the test, the driving licence is issued within few weeks


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