9 Things You Must Avoid in Wedding Floral Decoration

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Birthday Floral Arrangements

Flowers are a significant aspect of any event. Be those weddings, birthdays, valentine’s days or any other event. But that does not mean you can get any kind of flowers for any event. Especially when it comes to wedding floral decorations, there are certain things which you must avoid because wedding is the most special day of any person’s life. With all your close relations, friends and family focusing on you and all the details about you, you can’t really afford to mess up with any detail. This article discusses nine mistakes you must avoid in wedding floral decorations.  Let’s take a look.

Holding Flowers Too High

First things first- since the focus of wedding is the bride with bouquet, it is important to notice your way of holding flowers. The way you hold flowers shows what you represent and what message you want to give. Holding the bouquet too high or in front of your chest will hide your beautiful bridal dress and its noticeable details. It will look bad in photos, give a wrong message of being nervous, and you will regret it afterwards. The perfect way to hold flowers is down by your hips because that will not only make the dress look more beautiful but will also act as a support for more relaxed posture.

Picking too Fragrant Flowers as Centerpieces

Fragrance attracts everyone and adds to the ambience of a place. However, some people can’t handle the fragrance due to allergies. Some super-fragrant flowers, such as gardenias, hyacinths, lilies, and lilacs, look very appealing and sound very romantic, but their strong fragrance can mingle with the aroma of food and create an undesirable ambience. While setting tables, put them in a way that they get along with “appetizing” arrangements full of fruits and vegetables. These flowers can also be used in Wedding Events services.

Picking Delicate and Flimsy Flowers

Some flowers are too delicate and can’t survive without water for a longer period of time. Peonies, dahlias, clematis, and hydrangeas are not recommended for using as bouquets at outdoor weddings. If you are not sure about tolerance and threshold of flowers, picking tropical flowers is the safest option. You can also go for blossoms which grow from a bulb because they are tough and can survive for a longer period of time.

Only Using One Color

Having a monochromatic arrangement sounds wonderful, but it can look too overwhelming. Imagine if the colors of flowers are the same as color of bridesmaid dresses. That would look awful. With wedding floral decorations don’t be afraid to pick an arrangement having variety of colors. You don’t have to stick with one color family because too many tones of the same color will dull floral decorations and won’t remain noticeable feature. To bring in variety, and to avoid blandness, go for a variety of colors for your bouquets.

 Picking flowers without any Budget

Wedding is a big event and without planning it can become beyond your financial capacity and budget. It is for the best to have a defined budget for all aspects of the arrangements. Some people might think of skimping on the wedding floral decorations for a cutting down the cost. Or at times some people might go for making their own bouquets for the wedding, which is not recommended as it can be stressful and even disastrous. Unless you have a close friend or relation who already has experience of floral arrangement, you can think of cutting down this cost.

 Not considering expensive flowers

While planning your wedding, it is important to formulate a budget so that you don’t go beyond this. However, having a budget does not mean that there is no possibility of having expensive or fancy flowers. While one flower might cost more, the bunch is quite affordable to purchase. Likewise, purchasing flowers in bulk can actually bring expensive flowers within your budget range. So, don’t just discard the possibility of having expensive flowers. Rather, make a budget and then get quotes to see if you can have your desired blooms or not.

 Listen to Your Florist

Every bride has ideas about her wedding. Thanks to bridal magazines and internet blogs, a large number of guidance is already out there. But, that is not sufficient because you are dealing with something which has a short life span and which is highly vulnerable to surrounding environment. So, it is important to get opinion of an expert florist. With his experience and knowledge about flowers, florist can direct you in the direction. You can trust their good advice because using your own gut can lead to floral disaster on the biggest day of your life. Even if you have a good idea of what you want as blooms, listen to your florists’ ideas, recommendations and suggestions. Collaborate and communicate for a better floral decoration on the most important day of your life.

 Ordering at the eleventh hour

While planning wedding, keep one thing in mind that you must order flowers in sufficient time. Placing an order for blooms in the nick of time might lead to mismanagement because not all flowers grow nearby. It might take some time for the flowers to be available if they grow in some other part of the world. To be sure that flower come right in time, plan properly and place an order timely. To avoid any distasteful situation, give your florist at least six weeks to make the order available.

 Sticking to traditional method of arranging flowers

When it comes to wedding floral decorations, most of the people stick to whatever has been in tradition since old times. Well, times have changes now. You can certainly push some boundaries and bring in new ideas for arranging flowers. Flowers can be used to make beautiful garlands or strings which can be used to decorate the location in a number of ways. You can also craft floral decor for wreaths, flower backdrops, potted plants, and a lot more.

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