9 Reasons to Adopt Progressive Web Apps for Your Business

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As people are increasingly using their smartphones to access the Internet, businesses all over the world are forced to re-strategize the user experience online.

If we look at the data shared by Statista, we will find that mobile web traffic is now more than 50% of all Internet traffic.

This has created new demands from the users who want to switch seamlessly across mobile apps, websites, or mobile websites.

However, for small businesses, it is not economically viable to manage a native app and as the mobile website has its limitations there is a big challenge to offer the users a native app-like experience with functionality like that of a regular website.

To cater to this demand, progressive web apps have come to the fore.

What is a Progressive Web app?

It is a blend of a regular website and a mobile application. It gives a native app-like experience to the user.

To explain it in the layman’s language, the Progressive Web app is a website that behaves and looks like a native app.

Furthermore, this app is very fast and allows you to push notifications and work even when it is offline.

Advantages a Progressive Web app gives to the businesses

A Progressive Web app is extremely reliable because it can work even if the network status is not good.

This helps in removing the dependence of a fast network connection thereby improving the user’s experience.

It also provides a native app-like experience that includes web capabilities like appearing on the home screen or sending a push notification.

These are just some of the main reasons due to its immense popularity.

In addition to all these, other features make it important for online businesses to improve their engagement with their customers leading to higher conversion and sales.

Some of these features are given below.

Improved user adoption

If you look at the stats regarding how many people download a native app, you will find the figure to be small.

To install a native app, you have to first visit the App Store, then you have to figure out whether you trust the app, read the reviews, find whether you have the requisite disk space to install the native app.

Compared to this with the Progressive Web app, all you have to do is visit a web link and accept the prompt and you are good to go.

Therefore, if you want to improve user adoption, then investing in developing a PWA would be a good business decision.

Your development and maintenance cost

One of the reasons due to which the PWA is highly popular is because it takes fewer resources and time to develop a PWA compared to a native app.

Furthermore, it can be installed on different platforms, devices and you will need only one development team to maintain it.

Everything is discoverable

One of the major advantages of using a PWA is that all the contents in your PWA can be easily linked and ranked by the search engines, which leads to improved traffic.

The PWA eliminates the barriers between the native app and the website and it allows the users to directly link with any digital products on a range of devices.

This type of direct linking leads to increased conversions.

Smaller in size

The PWAs are much smaller than the native app and therefore do not require much space on the device of the user.

Any smaller app that consumes fewer resources and storage without any compromise on performance is best both for the business and the users.


A report published by Gartner predicts that in the future the PWAs are going to replace nearly 50% of the consumer apps.

Therefore, if you want to get ready for the future, then you should invest in a PWA and make your future engagement with your customers secure, smoother, and reliable.

Mobile-first approach

The Progressive Web apps conform to the mobile-first approach. This ensures that your e-commerce store developed with PWA can function smoothly on any mobile device.

As the majority of users shop online through their mobile phones, investing in PWA can help you increase the conversion rate leading to improved sales.

It can work off-line

The PWA can work offline which means that the user can keep browsing your store without an Internet connection.

This is not possible with other web stores, therefore, the PWA provides a better user experience leading to an improved conversion rate.

The PWA can be shared easily

As this is a web application you don’t need an App Store to find and install it. 

You can easily share a PWA through an URL that you can send to others by a social media post, email, QR codes, SMS et cetera.

Once your customer gets the URL, then they have to just click on it and the app would launch on their home screen.

The PWA have SEO benefits

As the PWA is a web application the search engine algorithm can easily crawl and index it. 

Furthermore, with the PWA there is no limitation to add a specific number of keywords in the description.

This greatly improves the ranking of your PWA in any relevant organic search engine result.


So these were some of the excellent benefits that you can get by adopting progressive web apps for your business. 

After looking at the benefits of PWA for business, if you want to develop PWA, you should consider checking the services and cost of your PWA application. For the same, you can refer to this comprehensive guide on  PWA development.

By knowing all the services of PWA and the cost of PWA in advance, you can develop a reliable progressive web application for your business.


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