9 Money Saving Hacks for Car Shipping

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Did you know that the average cost of a long-distance move is $4890? This figure assumes the mover has two to three bedrooms, is traveling a distance of 1,000 miles, and hires professionals. If you don’t relish the idea of committing this much money to relocation, you’re not alone.

Nevertheless, hiring professional movers will make your life significantly easier. After all, state-to-state or coast-to-coast moves can get overwhelming quickly. And even if you have plenty of friends and family, they likely can’t drive 1,000 miles to drop off your belongings.

The same goes for car shipping. While you might feel tempted to drive your car, if you’ve got more than one vehicle, an extended road trip won’t solve your problem. If you’d prefer to fly, worrying about cars could also get in the way of your preferred moving style.

What to do? Book the services of a car shipping company to handle your relocation. Here are nine money savings tips to help you get the best deal.

1. Have a Ballpark Idea

When it comes to finding a great deal on car transport services, you need a ballpark idea of how much most consumers pay on average.

What does a car transporter’s cost typically look like? While rates vary based on the make and model of your automobile, the pickup and delivery addresses you stipulate, and the vehicle’s condition, here are some general price ranges.

The average cost for shipping a car is $700. That said, depending on the factors listed above, the price range could fall within the $280 to $2,060 range or more.

2. Understand Pricing Factors

Why do factors such as make, model, and car running condition matter? Because they let the driver know how easily they’ll be able to fit your car on their trailer.

These considerations also indicate to the driver whether they’ll need additional loading equipment (e.g., forklift) for non-running vehicles.

Finally, factors such as your car’s make and model let the driver know how much the unit weighs. This weight has a direct impact on how much gas they expend during transportation. (We’ll explore this last point more later.)

3. Comparison Shopping Matters

Finding a car shipping company requires comparison shopping. After all, you need to know what different companies are charging so that you can take advantage of the best deal. Fortunately, the best companies make this process a cinch.

How do you comparison shop for auto transporters? Hop online to their websites and look for their shipping calculators.

Fill in the prompts, and you’ll get an instantaneous quote. This quote should be no-obligation and free.

If a company tries to charge you for this service, scratch them off your list.

4. Book Early

The earlier you can do this research online and decide on a quote, the more money you’ll save. Yes, auto transport companies offer expedited services. But you’ll pay for them.

That’s why it’s in your best interest to give yourself plenty of lead time. Why?

Because the more time companies have to bid on each other, the lower prices will go. So, use patience to your advantage when finding the right car moving company.

5. Go Open

Pricing factors also include the distance drivers must travel and the kind of service you request. The vast majority of customers opt for the open carrier option. Why? Because it’s both cheaper and more convenient when it comes to scheduling.

You’ll find greater date availability with open carriers because they remain the most popular service type. As for enclosed carriers, reserve them for high-priced, specialty vehicles such as classic cars and exotics. These specialty services will cost you approximately 30 percent more.

6. Think Small

Do you have multiple vehicles, and you can’t decide which one you want to ship? If so, you need to remember that size matters. The bigger your car, the more you’ll pay to have it shipped.

Why? Because the added weight of oversized vehicles leads to more significant fuel expenditures.

What’re more, larger cars also mean the carrier can’t bring on as many automobiles. For these reasons, ship the smaller of your automobiles and drive the bigger one. It’ll also mean more road trip legroom.

7. Ship in Bulk

What if you have more than one car? And you’d prefer to fly to your new destination? Consider shipping both of your vehicles.

Shipping multiple cars come with added savings and discounts. What’s more, the further you ship your automobiles, the less you’ll pay per mile. Think of it as the auto shipper’s equivalent of buying in bulk at Costco.

8. Ship Off-Season

Did you know the auto shipping industry has both high seasons and low seasons? If you can wait to ship your vehicle during the low or shoulder season, you’ll see significant savings.

As it turns out, most people like to move during the summer. As a result, car shippers remain busy and can charge higher prices. If you aim to have your car moved from mid-September through April, though, you’ll find some of the hottest deals of the year.

9. Stay Flexible

What’s another way to save money when shipping a car? By remaining flexible about pickup and dropoff dates. Standard services provide you with a five-day window for both pickup and dropoff. If you’re okay with this date range, you’ll save money.

Otherwise, you’ll need to opt for expedited service. With expedited service, you get an actual pickup date, but you’ll pay significantly more for this benefit. So, if you don’t mind giving the driver a little extra leeway, you can save significant dollars.

Tips for Saving Money During Car Shipping

Whether we’re talking about staying flexible with pick up dates or shipping the smallest car you own, the tips above provide effective and easy ways to save money when working with a car shipping company.

Do you still wonder, “Why to ship a car?” Check out our article on long-distance car transportation tips for 2021.


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