8 steps to follow for avoiding failure in your start up

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The key factor of success is hidden within the idea of the start-up. While everybody can incorporate a business idea, yours should be unique. Even after incorporating a great concept into the business, chances are not meeting the desired figure of profit. At the same time, another start-up with the simplified concept can get adequate limelight within few days.

When you have set the goal to become an entrepreneur, you have to be ready to face certain challenges. Because it is not easy to incorporate a start-up and just after the outset of the company you start facing profit.

Undoubtedly, by following proper steps, one can easily avoid those errors and become able to strengthen the base of the business.

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1.      Select your own strategy –

Only bringing a new concept will not work. Along with the concept, a good strategy is also required. It has been observed that the success rate for people who began their business with a good strategy is higher than those who started with zero technique. A recent study proves that approximately 65% of start-up holders successfully got the right business plan along with a proper strategy.

Therefore, before starting the company, let’s jot down the visions and missions upon which all your effort will be bestowed. This should include how and what factors. Such as how will you get success and what are the necessary steps you have to take to reach the door of success. Make sure the mission of your business will only be designed for a maximum of 5 years.

2.      Apply for a business loan –

Undoubtedly, to begin a new business, there is a need for liquid cash. On the one hand, you will need capital, and on the other, you will need working capital. Based upon the type of business, the borrowing amount can be fixed. The concept of borrowing a particular amount is totally wrong. If you study a little bit, it will not be difficult for you to find out lenders who provide start-ups business loans.

While you need a business loan to incorporate your start-up, it will be a great idea. This type of loan is designed in such a format so that arranging working capital becomes easier. To begin a small start-up, a borrower can take up to 15000€. Lenders may ask you for the MoA and partner deed of your company. He may also ask you for your credit score and repayment history.

3.      Select the person who suits best

Handling business all alone will be a bit difficult. Being an entrepreneur, all you need motivation and mental strength. To take care of every factor by yourself, you may feel exhausted. For this reason, choosing a helping hand will be a great idea. According to the recent study, it has been observed that good teamwork always becomes the key factor in terms of getting success.

Therefore, you can start the teamwork by selecting the proper set of people who will benefit your company. If you have some enthusiastic friends, ask them to join or advertise ongoing recruitment for the company. But before hiring, makes sure that person possesses enough ability to work for the start-up growth.

4.      Select the best locale and create your own webpage

To attract customers, all your company needs, a proper address with its physical existence. Whether you plan for home delivery of food or plan to be a service provider, you need a workstation. Without a properly designated workstation, you will not be able to bring the feel of a formal office. That is why select a place where you can build the office. But make sure the location can be easily accessible by customers as well as your manufacturers.

Apart from the physical existence, don’t forget about the digital entity of your company. Nowadays, people have the habit of checking out the website of a company more than visiting the physical place. Besides, when there is a website of your company, more people will visit the website irrespective of the location. Therefore, the possibility of getting noticed becomes higher.

5.      Don’t forget about the sales skill

While thinking about the start-up, you have to prepare yourself for wonderful sales skill. Because without it, earning money as well as profit will be next to impossible. Perhaps your company is holding better product than other companies have, but they are making a profit instead of your company. Can you guess the primary reason? It is all about sales skill.

With technological advancement nowadays, marketing is not confined to a single room. There are various ways to get the marketing done. Apart from printing leaflets, advertising on radio or television, you can find other pocket-friendly options. Such marketing through social media and your website will be a cost-saving option. Moreover, with the help of digital media, it will be easy for you to reach the target number of customer in one shot.

However, being a beginner, the entrepreneur should acquire wonderful sales skill so, while communicating with a client, he becomes attracted to the company. Another important thing the entrepreneur should not compromise with his company’s reputation. Remember good reputation will enhance the growth of the company. Moreover, the customer base will be increased day by day.



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