8 features of custom printed wall decals that makes everyone love it

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The wall decals are larger than the stickers and labels and are used to stick on the walls for decoration or informational purposes. They come with sticking abilities. These decals can be used to decorate all sorts of places from bedrooms to kitchen to bathroom, living room and even the offices. They have gained popularity among the common people because of their attractive features. Here we are going to mention some of the features of these decals that are loved by the audience.

Beautiful designs

The custom wall decals allow the people to choose the design and styles of these decals. This way, the audience gets more attracted and excited as they can choose the design of these decals according to their own preferences. The manufacturer company also provides various templates and designs of these decals from which the people can easily select. Other than this, the people can also provide their specific designs of artwork that they want in the form of decals. If you can decide the design of your wall décor, then you can also seek advice from professional designers as well. Due to this, these decals are best appreciated and loved by the people.

Excellent printing

The wall decals printing is done by using premium techniques along with the special inks that do not wear off easily. Such techniques help in making the decals look new and prevent them from fading away or becoming dull even after years. The use of such printing techniques like offset, digital, screen, etc., is being used for this purpose. These are the latest and the best technologies available in the market that make the decals look beautiful and attractive. This printing option is not only used to display trendy patterns or artwork but can also be used for displaying information and details.

High-class finishing

The printed wall decals, when covered with premium finishing coats, helps in creating a striking first impression on the audience. There are various finishing coats available like matte lamination, glossy lamination, metallic silver or gold foiling, and even embossing debossing techniques. Such finishings help in making these decals not only more affordable but also more rigid and resistant. This is one of the features that get the attention of the audience. These finishing coats can be opted as per the requirement and demands of people. If potential customers want something more fancy and luxurious that can match the theme of their luxury furniture, then they can use glossy lamination. Otherwise, if the customer wants more of a casual yet elegant decal, then the matte lamination will be the best suitable option.

Attractive shades

The custom printed wall decals allow the option to choose the colors and shades. You can easily choose the color of your choice from special color schemes like CMYK OR PMS. Most of these decals have a single color, but you are allowed to select multiple shades for your desired decal. The color should be selected by knowing the nature of the pace where the decal is supposed to be affixed. If they are meant to be used for the living room that has a light tone of paint, then the brighter color of the decal should be selected. The color of the decals should be chosen according to the theme of the location where it needs to be fixed. This feature is best appreciated by the audience as they can choose the color of their own choice.

Customized sizes

The manufacturer company of custom wall decals provides the possibility to choose all the aspects and features of these decals. This means that you can choose from materials, designs, colors, and even sizes of these decoratives. They are available in custom sizes from larger to medium and even small decals. In such a way, customers are free to select the sizes of these wall decors. If these decals are to be fixed in a giant living room, then they can opt-in the enlarged size effectively. Or if they are meant to be used in a small bathroom or some kid’s room, then their size can be minimized according to the given measurements.

Strong sticking

The custom printed wall decals come with a strong sticking ability. These decals do not need some extra adhesive or glue to be affixed on the walls. Their sticky surface makes it easy to attach them to the wall. Due to their strong sticking ability, they stay intact for a longer period. They can stick potentially for years, but this does not mean that they are difficult to remove. They can be peeled away very easily without damaging the wall on which they were fixed.

Cost-effective decoration

These decals are not only attractive and alluring but also cost-effective. This means that they do not cost an arm, so they do not put a burden on a budget of people. These cheap wall decals are manufactured from eco-friendly materials and then printed with cost-effective techniques. The low prices do not mean that they will have bad quality. The quality and the integrity of these decals will not be compromised. Because of this reason, they have gone famous. These decals are loved by all the people due to their pretty affordable prices.

Durable material

The wall decals printing is done on some of the most durable and strong materials like kraft cardstock, recycled Bux board. These durable and strong materials help in creating decals that cannot be torn off easily. Other than this, these eco-friendly materials help in protecting the environment from getting more damaged in this era of global warming. Due to this feature, the audience following a green campaign loves them. The wall decals are used for decoration purposes. People love these decals because of their easy customization features. They can be customized into various designs, styles sizes according to the requirement of the customer. Different printing techniques along with special inks are used on these decals. There are various finishing coats like laminations, foiling, etc., from which people can choose accordingly. They come with the sticking ability so that other adhesives are not required to affix them. Other than this, they are available at cost-effective prices due to which even the people with low-budget can easily avail them.


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