5 AI tools that can think and write like humans

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The more we sing paeans of praises about content, the less it is. Time and again, we have realised the invincible power that AI have on content marketing has – enough to make or break your online reputation. Now, why do I say make or break?

Unless you write engaging and informative content that readers relate to, your content marketing efforts will not work any wonders. That said, creating engaging content (at times, on repetitive slants) EVERY SINGLE TIME is not exactly a walk in the park. You will need a paper writer with a flair for writing, robust SEO, and hours of toiling to create a piece that your readers find interesting, not to mention the money involved. But cutting down on time and money is now possible with AI invading every step of our lives.


How do AI-driven tools help in content creation?


Thanks to AI and machine learning, you can now access several AI-powered tools that can think and write content like humans. Even for content writers, these automated tools can help you come up with better headlines and titles, enhance your writing’s quality and find better images and other resources. So if you are facing a creative block or want to cut down on content creation costs and time consumption, investing in AI-powered tools can save you from the rut.

On that note, I have enlisted the top eight AI tools that can think and create content like humans.


8 AI-automated Tools to Create Human-Like Content

  1. Quill

Unless you understand user intent, you will not be able to generate content that ticks all the right boxes. This is where Quill comes in to help you unearth the potential of the collected data.

  • When you understand the underlying concept of the data, you know exactly which pain points to address in your content.
  • The AI tool has an in-built natural language processor or that thinks like the human brain and addresses every aspect of a brand that users want to know.
  • You can also use Quill to generate personalised narratives that you can later structure with information to make it meaningful for your readers.

Quill studies and learns from everyday human inputs and language. The tool can handle data sets of any size and generate many stories at unbelievable speed.

  1. Wordsmith

This AI tool is the perfect solution for you if you cannot develop narratives based on the collected user data. But you can do a lot more than that!


  • Wordsmith converts data into gripping narratives that humans can relate to.
  • You can use the tool to structure your content to meet your brand goals.
  • You can also use the open API that you can use to create social media posts in an instant.

Market kingpins like Yahoo, PwC, and Microsoft use Wordsmith, thus proving the tool’s efficacy. For premium content for 1000 articles, you can invest in the monthly plants starting from $250.

  1. Articoolo

You’d marvel at how perfect articles this particular AI tool generates – content that has a personal voice and human-like features. Wondering how?

  • The tool starts by assessing the keywords you feed into the tool to understand all the facets of the concept.
  • Suppose you want to write about academic services and paper writers. In that case, the machine learning algorithms of the tool understand what exactly academic writers do to create an article about them.

You can also use the tool to trace related resources for a particular topic along with other relevant keywords that go with the content. You can subscribe to the premium version of the tool by investing in monthly or yearly plans.

  1. Article Forge

Forge basically “forges” how the human brain thinks and uses the analysed data to write articles on a myriad of topics. Here is the step-by-step process that the tool follows:


  • The tool uses insightful algorithms to research on a topic.
  • The machine learning algorithms then pore through several articles written around the chosen topic.
  • Based on the data that the tool picks up, Forge uses the insights to write a fresh article.

The tool is one of the best options as it is SEO-compliant. You can also use Forge to schedule your posts and publish them automatically on WordPress sites. Use the five-day free trial period, and then you can invest in the monthly pack costing $57 or the yearly subscription for $324.

  1. Word AI

Word AI’s algorithms are based on human intelligence and work unlike most automated bots and tools. Here is how Word AI stands out in the milieu:

  • The tool uses the best words to create a meaningful sentence instead of just paraphrasing content.
  • The tool considers several factors related to the content, like SEO, readability, visual aesthetics, and more.
  • You can also use the tool for creating catchy headlines and engaging hooks for your pre-written content.

You can invest in the monthly plan of $49.95 or save more by taking the annual subscription of $347.

  1. Canva

The best thing about Canva is that it goes beyond creating written content in the text format. You can use the tool to generate other forms of digital content as well.

  • Canva can assess written content and keywords and create video content and images using AI and machine learning.
  • You will also find archives full of templates for making social media posts.
  • There are separate template libraries for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, posters, infographics, etc.

You do not need any special designing skills to use Canva. You just have to put your content in a chosen template, and the image/poster/infographic will be ready. What’s more? The tool is free to use but offers upgrades as well.

  1. TubeBuddy

If you’re not accustomed to creating video content, TubeBuddy is just what you need. Use the Chrome extension for free to create videos and entertaining clips to:

  • Optimize your YouTube channel with engaging videos that give your audience a peek into your brand personality.
  • You can also create the script material to be read in the video using the tool.
  • TubeBuddy also lets you schedule daily posts to keep you in your audience’s memory.
  • You can also embed the videos you create your website using the tool’s unique features.

There are three types of monthly plans – Pro costs $9, Star costs $19, and Legend costs $39.

  1. Quuu Promote

Although technology has advanced beyond our imagination, no machine can imitate humans’ inherent intellect and understanding. This is why replacing humans with bots may not be a wise option. If you are looking for a platform where you get the speed and accuracy of AI along with the natural human touch, Quuu Promote is what you need.

  • The content created by the tool is reviewed by the brand’s in-house team of content reviewers and copyeditors.
  • You can use Quuu to schedule content for future posting.
  • You can revise old content from time to time to keep the posts evergreen.
  • The tool is also SEO-compliant and makes sure that the generated content is search engine ready.

Use the free version of the tool, or invest in the monthly or annual plans according to your budget.


Parting thoughts,

Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, making our lives easier by the minute. While the human touch is still an irreplaceable factor, you can certainly tap into the scope of AI technology to make content creation easier. Use the tools mentioned in the blog to add value to your content and make it perfect to establish your brand’s online presence.


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