7 Signs that Shows It’s Time to Repaint Your Home

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Every house should be appealing to the eye and inviting to the senses. When it comes to appearance, the very first thing that most people notice is the paint. Furthermore, painting serves as the first line of protection against factors such as adverse weather and mites. As a result, top remodeling contractors suggest that your home’s paintwork should constantly be in an excellent condition.

So how can you tell when the house requires a repaint? Here are some signs to watch out for.

  1. Fading paint

Paint fading occurs as a result of environmental conditions such as sunlight damage and water penetration. Dark colors typically fade quicker than bright colors, although no paint would look nice when worn. Depending on the strength of the paint, it might take multiple years to fade. By repainting a lighter shade, you significantly reduce the chances of it fading as frequently as a darker shade. Another approach to avoid fading is to inspect parts of the home that do not receive a lot of sunshine or wind.

  1. Types of damages

A coat that is peeling, splitting, or bursting is a clue that you should sand it down and begin again. In essence, these difficulties point to one of two issues.

Whether the paint was improperly done in the first place, resulting in premature and needless deterioration or it has been damaged by moisture, wind, ultraviolet radiation, and other factors, causing the enamel to break and peel.

  1. Cracking and bubbling

Upon the exterior of your paintwork, you may see tiny bubbles and/or fractures. Those bubbles are caused by rotting and fungus. They can also be triggered by adverse weather conditions such as storms, direct sunshine, sandstorms, and extreme cold. Paint bubbles and fractures are much more unpleasant than fading. Therefore, they are a big clue that you need to restore.

Peeling is arguably the final indicator that it is time to repaint. Paints are not meant to peel off, yet bad paint will. Other variables that lead to peeling include exposure to direct sun and severe winters. As paint comes off, your property appears old and outdated, exposing the walls to damages from factors like harsh weather.

  1. Chalking 

Chalking isn’t always easy to see. To see if your home’s paintwork is chalking, run your palm over the walls and examine its smoothness. If the paint leaves a chalky substance and is hard to the touch, it is chalking.

Months of exposure to adverse climate and other factors induce chalking. Because it is dangerous to both human wellbeing and the environment, you may consider painting as soon as possible.

  1. Aging of the color

The life expectancy of various paint brands differs significantly. High-quality colors have a lifespan of seven to 10 years, but low-quality paints have a lifespan of fewer than five years. Other indicators of aging, such as cracking and chalking, are usually present, although they are not always forthright. Yet, you can repaint your property after the existing paint wears out, as indicated on the paint containers, to prevent problems.

When it comes to the final paint, one might not get what one really wants. Morphing is the process through which paints fade and change color wholly or in portions. When subjected to sunshine, for example, beige frequently becomes pink after just a few weeks. Morphing only affects external painting, although certain brands are built to withstand UV radiation.

Morphing may be a lovely or hideous metamorphosis, but in the latter situation, repainting is the only choice.

  1. Getting a new home

When it comes to painting, the history of your property is imperative. After building, a new property receives one fresh coat to preserve the walls. This one coat of paint, though, is inadequate and must be renewed after roughly five years. As a result, do the calculations and if your property has crossed the five-year mark, hire remodeling contractors.

  1. Absence of appeal

The primary function of paint is to provide visual interest. Your house’s existing paintwork may have pleased you before, but it needs a change with time. If the present shade no longer resonates with you, consider repainting your house. This is particularly essential when it comes to interior paint.

A word from top remodeling contractors

When you gaze at your home as a homeowner VS a seller, you have two entirely distinct perspectives. As a homeowner, you would not want to put the money right away. You may assume that the coat of paint will suffice for the coming years. A seller may reconsider or contemplate repainting earlier, even when there are no visible signs of deterioration. It helps them increase the visual appeal and the price of the property. Even though your paint is not chipped, faded, or damaged, placing your house up for sale is always an excellent reason to give it a fresh coat.

Exterior home painting costs roughly $1,500 to $3,000 on average for experienced professionals and perhaps less when you do part (or all) of the painting yourself. Such work might add $5,000-$10,000 to the home’s worth just by modernizing it and bringing it up to pace with similar houses in the community that are new or have more recent modifications. A fresh coat of paint won’t make you wealthy, but it will enhance your prospects of selling and the list price as it is one issue less the prospective investor has to stress over.


If you’re not convinced that it’s time to repaint your property, make an assessment and determine where you stand. Look for yellowing, damage, and other concerns mentioned above. Find out when your property was last painted and how long a coat of paint lasts in your area. This way, you can ready the place for future damages, saving yourself a lot of preparatory work and fixes. If you need help with home repainting or remodeling in the San Diego area, the skilled remodeling contractors at House to Home would be delighted to help you with it.


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