7 Most common bathroom repairs and how to deal with them

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Most people do not think twice about them, but bathrooms are essential rooms in our lives. We start our days in them, and we end our days there. So, when something is out of order, it can disrupt the rest of the day very easily. To prevent this kind of disruption, here are the most common bathroom repairs, how to prevent them and how to always be ready. 

Presence of mold in bathroom

This is by far the most common occurrence in bathrooms that are not properly ventilated. It is also an issue to be dealt with as soon as you spot it, since it can cause severe allergies, problems with the lungs, as well as asthma. 

Mold is mostly present in rooms where there is a lot of water, moisture, evaporation, and when there is no windows, or the vent is slow, or even non-functioning. If it is not fixed properly, and in a timely manner, you are inviting mold into your house, and it can be a very difficult unwanted guest to get rid of. Not to mention costly. 

So, to prevent mold, air out your bathrooms if possible, or install a powerful vent that will easily get rid of all humidity. 

Ventilation problems

Vents are designed to solve the problems of small bathrooms, or bathrooms that do not have natural ventilation, i.e. windows. As previously mentioned, they effectively fight mold and mildew, protecting your health. So, if you start noticing that the air in your bathroom smells a little stale the next time you go in after a shower, it may be a sign that the ventilation system is not functioning properly. It also may be a sign that you need a stronger vent system. 

To prevent vents from malfunctioning or breaking, you should clean them regularly, and check for any parts that may be damaged or broken. Whether you do it by yourself or hire a company to do it, twice a year should be enough to keep your mind at ease.  

Slow or clogged bathroom drains

Debris is the number one cause of problems with drains. After an unusual amount of debris, your drains tend to be a little slower than what you may be accustomed to, or even clogged. If something like this happens, you may use drainage products, a drain snake, or even take apart your pipes to further inspect the problem in question. However, if you live in Australia, your local Canberra plumbers will take care of the problems for you, so that you do not have to get down and dirty. 

If, in fact, you are a true DIYer, and prefer to get elbow deep in the matter, you can use a plunger, a drain snake, or if the issue is bigger than the power of these tools – take apart the pipes. 


Running or clogged toilet

A running toilet is like a runny nose – you do not appreciate it enough when it is working properly, and when it dysfunctions, it does so at the very worst time. 

A running toilet can have a very simple solution – just check the tank for the level of water and its ratio to the flapper chain. You may need to move it a little, shorten it, or simply change the chain, and everything will go back to normal. If it doesn’t, it is time to call in a professional.

A clogged toilet can mainly be fixed with a plunger and some elbow grease. If that does not do it, one more situation where referring a professional may be a good idea. 

Leaky shower head or bathroom faucet

If ignored for a longer period, a leaky shower head or a faucet will kindly remind you with an increased water bill. Apart from that, it can lead to excess moisture in your bathrooms, causing mold, mildew, and other humidity-related issues. 

Keeping a busy schedule sometimes means prioritizing one chore over the other, but never let a leaky shower head or a faucet go on for an extended period of time, because it can be really easy to fix it yourself in thee early stages. 

You may need a screwdriver, and some willpower, but after you have turned off the water in the house, you can easily take off the faucet/shower head and inspect the matter on your own. If you do not recognize the issue, you can always go to your hardware store and ask a clerk for their opinion, because two heads are better than one. 

If the problem cannot be fixed, then it is time for new fixtures. To prevent leaking from happening in the future, consider investing in pricier pieces, to be safe for a longer period of time. 

Water pressure optimized

Sometimes, after years of use, your pipes and fixtures will have some limescale buildup. This is not a serious issue, and can be easily remedied. There are descaling solutions readily available throughout Australia, and you can get your hands on them to try and fix things that way. However, there are different solutions for different types of pipes. Some pipes, made of materials such as plastic, or PVC, get limescale buildup the most difficult, and they can be cleaned with most solutions, as well as with jetting. 

However, if your house is an older one, with pipes that are made of cast iron, or clay, be weary of limescale. These types of pipes scale the easiest, and are very difficult to clean. They are brittle when old, and can easily burst. So, before you go on and buy a heavy-duty descaling solution, make sure you know the material you are working with, as well as the level of scaling you are dealing with. 

Unpleasant bathroom sewer odors

Sometimes, sewer smells are inevitable. However, they can be an indication that there is a problem within your bathroom. Bad smell can come if your pipes are clogged, and the debris is starting to get noticeable. Or, if you have a leak, the standing water can get stale, and send off a rather unpleasant smell that needs to be addressed. Another smelly problem in a bathroom is mold. Such a nuisance, right? We all know how mold smells, therefore it is an easy find. Except when it is not, and you just cannot put your finger on the source of the smell. If you smell mold in your bathroom, and are unable to find the source, best reach out to a plumber, because the problem may be bigger than suggested. Sometimes, moldy walls behind tiles can cause the whole house structure to be compromised. 

If it is none of the aforementioned, then maybe it is the sewer gas leaking into your house. There are some products you can try to combat the smells, and you can find them in your local stores, but if the smell persists, call a plumber, and let the professional deal with it.


So, there you have it. Some of the most common bathroom issues you may encounter, and how to deal with them and/or prevent them. Sometimes preventing is exactly dealing with it, and we suggest you stay on top of your bathroom to avoid any issues.



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