Top 7 issues where you need to seek MacBook repair services

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The MacBook is one of the most expensive and high-quality laptops available in the market today, whether in terms of technology, design or performance. But sometimes, it may experience a few software and hardware problems, which is when you should go for MacBook repair services. This article will shed light on the top 7 MacBook issues that you must get fixed as quickly as possible.

Overheating and fan noise

If your MacBook gets overheated or you hear a loud noise emanating from it, you need to clear the dust with a vacuum cleaner. Clean the fan that cools the graphic card and the CPU periodically to ensure that your MacBook doesn’t overheat.

The MacBook isn’t turning on

If your MacBook isn’t turning on or off, you should unplug the power adapter immediately. Then, press shift-control-option on the left side of the built-in keyboard and the power button simultaneously.

Water/liquid has seeped into the MacBook

Did your MacBook drop inside a vessel full of water? Firstly, pick it up, clean it, and let it dry. Next, you can try switching it on. If the MacBook doesn’t start or you experience any other issues, visit a trusted Macbook repair center immediately to seek professional help.

Macbook is running slowly

If the MacBook is slowing down or isn’t responding to your commands instantly, you might want to check the startup disk. Many times, the processing speed dips because of the lack of disc space. Moreover, it may also happen if you are facing issues with your operating system. It would be best if you visit a Macbook repair shop to get help from technicians who have been working in this field for decades.

Problems related to the video display

There are primarily two reasons that can lead to a disrupted video display on your MacBook. Firstly, software problems may occur due to a bad graphic card or a virus. Secondly, physical damage like dropping your MacBook on the floor may force you to replace the monitor.

Motherboard failure

Users have often reported motherboard failures across various generations of MacBooks. If your MacBook is overheated, the solder about the motherboard may soften with time, which can interfere with electrical connections.

Folders/mails disappearing on MacBook

Few users have reported losing data within folders after upgrading their OS. The best way to fight against such technical glitches is by keeping multiple copies of your data in a repository. The various methods of doing that are Time Machine backup, services like iCloud, or external hard disks and SSDs.

Many people have also reported losing emails. You can reindex and rebuild the Apple mail application to solve this problem. Note that the process may take a few hours if you have a large mailbox.


So, now you know about the top 7 issues that users often experience with their MacBook. By keeping this list handy, you will be ready to find practical solutions if you ever come across such problems. And the best part is that, numerous MacBook repair centers are available to help you solve these issues affordably and in a timely manner.


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