7 Home Improvements Tips That Improve The Value By Expert Builders Northampton

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Are you considering increasing the overall value of your property? However, it is not as simple as you think. You need to know which specific areas can provide you with a good return on investment. Spending cash without any knowledge won’t do any good, but only waste your money. So what are the most important home improvements you can do that ensure a good return on investment? Builders Northampton has devised 7 improvement projects that can surely bring a lot of value to your home.

7 Home Improvements Tips To Increase the Value


When your rooms do not have sufficient lights, it makes the place dark, which feels depressing. On the contrary, adding extra lights and even letting natural light into the rooms gives a more warm and welcoming feel. This is something buyers look for in a property when they come to buy. So how you can boost the appeal of your room? Adding skylights and sun tubes are usually perfect additions to get in natural light, whereas increasing your bulbs’ wattage will permit brighter spaces that can be controlled as per the mood.

Repair structural defects

When you repair structural issues, it can be one of the most costly projects. But if you have to increase the value of your home, it needs to be done. We believe that sellers are often naïve to the importance of fixing the structural defects and tend to focus on the decoration instead. 

Don’t make this mistake, and focus on doing the basics first. Make sure you check that your roofing and guttering are functioning properly. After that, assess your walls, ceilings, whether they are cracked or damp, floors, the plumbing or anywhere else you think might get an extra bit of attention. It is best to hire builders Milton Keynes to get a professional analysis of the property.


Windows possess the power to improve the overall appearance of the property both inside and outside. These are the ones that leave either a good or bad impression. It is vital that you install those windows that complement your house’s architecture, whether it is modern or traditional. By doing this, you actually enhance the exterior aesthetic appeal of your property and add value.

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You will be amazed to know how the addition of a new floor can improve the living space’s overall look. Don’t stick with your old, worn carpet and install something new with a more modern outlook. You can have modern laminate, solid wood, and engineered hardwood flooring, and these are some of the best choices. It maintains the value and looks fantastic at the same time. Also, getting quality hardwood flooring does not have to break the bank; you need to shop around to find a good deal.

Extend into the loft 

Loft conversions are taken into consideration as one of the valuable tasks you can perform, and with the substantial quantity of more space it creates, it’s not difficult to understand why. Extending into the loft is the simplest way to get an additional bathroom or bedroom in your home. It will definitely add value to your home. In 2014, research conducted claimed that a loft conversion can, on average, enhance the value of your house by as much as 21%. So it may be costly, but it’s really worth it. 

Refurbishing your kitchen

Kitchens have come to be a focal point of a house. Now buyers look for kitchen areas that are spacious and aesthetic, and this makes the main selling point. If there’s one room you need to priorities in terms of maintenance, it must be the kitchen. New units, surfaces, appliances and indoors redecoration will prove beneficial in the long run in improving both the appearance of your kitchen and the value of your own home. A new kitchen project will normally add 5% to property value. However, be cautious about how much a great deal you spend and make sure it is relative to your home’s overall price.

Look After Your Garden 

A properly maintained garden mostly sits high on the buyer’s desire list – nobody likes to open their back doors to a poorly maintained garden. This is why it’s crucial to decorate your outdoor area well; e.g. by placing plants, pruning, cutting back hedges, getting rid of weeds, clearing debris and clutter and so forth. 

Depending on your garden’s size, you may potentially install a deck or a patio to optimize your space and increase value truly. We also propose which you ensure your lawn is accessible and visible from the residence. Glass doors can be installed to reality open up your lawn and create a portal out of your personal backdoor. Lighting, furniture and so on. can also assist in putting life into the back yard.


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