7 Facts to know about your Hair Extension Packaging Boxes

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Hair extensions are trending these days. People want to look their best when they step outside the door. Short hair? No problem. Hair extensions can come to the rescue. They are easy to apply and give instant volume plus length to your hair. Not just for fashion needs, hair extensions are great for people with thin hair. You can clip them to your hair at home or visit a stylist for a long-lasting solution.

New ones come in hair extension packaging boxes . The hair extensions must be packed delicately to avoid tangling. Putting this artificial hair in a box is a mindful task. There are certain elements that you need to keep in mind if you are in the business. Read through this blog to understand the complications of packing hair extensions.

1. First Impressions last: make your custom hair extension boxes attractive.

Packing matters a lot. You might have heard of a famous saying that the First impression is the last. Leaving aside the exceptions, we can safely assume that this statement is truly more than one way. The hair extension packaging is the first thing that attracts many potential clients to buy your product. Of course, the hair extension quality matters too. But the box is the first thing that stands out among many other brands.

You can customize the packing into any size, shape, and style. The options are limitless if you are open to them. The point here is to make your boxes vibrant and attractive. They should show the customer what he desires.

2. USP: Unique selling point

What sets you apart from your competitors? What is the one thing your product has which makes it stand out in the crowd? Why should the buyer consider purchasing your hair extensions?

Each product has its USP. You can use customized packing boxes for your hair extensions to advertise the best thing about the hair. A buyer will read through the box to know what’s inside. He needs to know the answers to all the questions we asked earlier to make up his mind.

Use your packing boxes to reach out to your buyers. Tell them the unique features of your hair extensions.

3. Strong and Sturdy Packaging

Hair extensions are strands of either natural human hair or synthetic ones. But they are both delicate at the end of the day. You do not want your product to tangle or look shabby because of poor packing. The packing material should be such that it can bear any external pressure during the transportation process.

Imagine your customer opens the box and unveils tangled, damaged hair. It will be a nightmare for him. He might come back to the shop and return the extensions. This will stand against your brand. To avoid these uncomfortable situations, use rigid and robust packing boxes for the hair extensions.

4. Unboxing is a Thing Now

This is the era of influencers. They are everywhere. They have started a trend of unboxing different products and reviewing them. This brings attention to the packing boxes and their quality. The point to note is that now people are conscious about the looks, feel, and opening of packing boxes.

Your hair extension packaging needs to not only look sharp but should give ease of access to the product. Simple opening methods are more appreciated.

5. Windowpane: showcase your product

We all want to be sure before buying anything new. But in hair extensions, people are extra cautious as they do not want fake looking hair. They would want something that blends well with their natural hair and appears like real hair to the lookers.

Opening a box every time can damage the packing. A creative getaway for such issues is using a windowpane in the – hair extension packaging boxes. The box cutout (window) is covered with a strong and transparent sheet. This hassle aims to give a peep into the color, style, and quality of the hair extensions inside the box. It will make it easier for people to decide if they want it without having to open the box.

6. Cost-Effective

Packaging matters a lot, in more ways than one. But it is not wise to spend a buck load of money on packaging. The golden rule of business is that you need to spend less than you make. Because that is the only way you will enjoy the perks of your business.

Choosing packing material, style, shape, and size will determine your packaging boxes’ cost. Make your pick wisely, as you don’t want the boxes to look tacky while trying to control the investment. Once you dig a little deeper in the packing industry, you will find many brilliant options. These days Kraft boxes are getting quite popular because of their eco-friendly nature.

7. A Reliable printing partner

When you have a business, you need to find different sources to establish your product in the market. Packaging boxes are like a sibling to your product. Similarly, choose your printing partner wisely because you will be seeing them a lot.

You need someone who promises consistent inbox quality and can provide your order in time. The print quality needs to be clear and sharp. Not to forget the money matters, transparency, reliability, and honesty will make your business worries drop low.



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