7 Designing Tips For Building a Successful Mobile App

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Developing a mobile app for your business works like rocket fuel in making your business brand go viral. An application is the perfect archetype that let you interact with zillions of mobile users and encourage them to utilize your brand. But getting your app noticed isn’t an easy feast, and requires a lot of efforts more than getting likes on your social networks such as Facebook and others. Most importantly, you need a well-executed design suitable for varied mobile platforms and users. In order to help you out, I’ve come with some nitty-gritty yet important app design tips you need to consider.

1. Go for a well-thought-out design:

Creating a well-thought-out design makes the task of designing an app somewhat effortless. Also make sure not to skimp on details while you’re creating an app design. That’s because, every detail matters in creating a design that makes you stand out from the curve. For instance, the size of an app can vary from one mobile platform to the other. So, you need to formulate a design that easily adjusts to the screen size of any device.

2. Don’t overlook typography:

A lot of designers don’t pay much heed to the typography of the app. But font can play a major role in leaving a good impression on users. Albeit, your clients may accept the font but to prove yourself as an epitome of your business brand, you need to provide with the best product. Thus, do take time and try to find the perfect font for the title, description and content of your app. Choose the right colors and font-size that makes the content of your application readable. Remember, even little things like the font can make huge difference.

3. Prioritize what needs to be shown:

Not all the users are same, but one common thing that most of them look forward to is knowing what they can do with the application. Therefore, it becomes important to prioritize what needs to be shown on the screen first, that is, make sure to show most important actions of your app right in view. For example, the KropCircle app allows users to post on social accounts such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at once.


4. Build settings the right way:

Try to avoid sending your users to access the settings. This is because switching to settings will make your user leave the app. But you can’t risk in making your users switch to some other screen, especially within a few seconds after visiting your app. Thus, make sure not to build the settings in a way that users will hardly need to make changes to the settings. For example, in the image as shown below the iPod app is asking for rating, though this is a good idea but it will make users switch to other window. So, make sure that this window doesn’t appear immediately when your user visits the app.

5. Make use of the grids:

Adding grid layout in your app design helps in keeping everything consistent, when you navigate through one page to the other. In fact, today grids are becoming an inevitable part of the design concept that help designers to build visual connections and maintain consistent design throughout the app.

6. Create an app that imitate real world:

Building a successful app requires designing one that deliver rich user experience. For doing so, you’ll need to design an application that imitates the real world.  For example, if you’re developing a gaming app, study the games that users love to play, and design a gaming app that ensures high usability. For instance, Android’s Lego fusion app let’s you virtually build a  building from real-world constructs.

7. Design your brand in the right manner:

Lastly, it’s pretty obvious that you’re designing an app for branding, but make sure to be consistent with your branding. Therefore, design  everything with careful consideration, be it adding your company logo, to choosing the right colors and so on. Remember, it’s important to design your brand in a way that merely looking at the logo or color, help users  recognize your app. You can take the example of WhatsApp, though it’s logo seems a little simple but is so recognizable that I won’t take more than seconds to think of the messaging app.

Let’s Wrap Up!

So, if you’ve been planning to build an app for your business then abiding by the aforementioned tips will definitely help you succeed in your app development venture.

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