7 Best IELTS Writing Tips for 2018

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The greatest test looked by understudies while taking up the IELTS test is – handling the composing area. It may very well be a seriously threatening assignment to get every one of your musings coordinated inside an hour and record them, however we can assist you with these 7 IELTS composing tips rattled off. Getting that band score of 8 probably won’t be testing on the off chance that you think about these tips. 

What is the IELTS composing segment? 

  • The IELTS Writing test is intended to survey one’s composing abilities. 
  • It tests the applicant’s capacity to compose a reaction properly. 
  • How well an applicant can sort out thoughts and think of them in the given measure of time 
  • A scope of jargon and utilization of sentence structure precisely is tried. 

The complete time length of IELTS Writing Exam:1 hour The inquiry example of IELTS Academic Writing segment varies altogether from IELTS General. 

IELTS Academic Writing Test 

Assignment 1 Develop a short report dependent on designs, pie outline, a line diagram, a table, a bar graph, a portrayal, or a picture. (Word limit – 150 words) Task 2 

  • You are needed to compose an article in light of the perspective, contention or issue. Responses to the two assignments should be in a proper style. 
  • Composing on a subject of general interest 
  • Because of a perspective, contention or issue. 

IELTS General Training Writing Test 

Errand 1 A letter composing task dependent on a subject of general interest 

  • You can compose the letter in an individual, semi-formal or formal style. 

Undertaking 2 Essay Writing on a subject of general interest.

  • You can utilize a genuinely close to home style. 

Checking : All the assignments determined are constantly analyzed by an IELTS analyst and it is noticed that Task 2 is worth twice as much as Task 1 in the IELTS Writing test. 


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  1. Investigate – There is a critical need to comprehend the essential design of composing an article or letter, it is ideal to be organized and formal so that there is no space for any blunder. 
  2. Exactness – Pay thoughtfulness regarding subtleties, for example, spelling and accentuation as this guarantees precision, and you have a higher possibility of clearing the IELTS composing segment. 
  3. Time the board – This is incredibly vital since the composing segment is just for an hour. You can go through 10 minutes conceptualizing about the subjects given, and this guarantees you have a reasonable thought regarding what the design of your composition will be. 
  4. Better your jargon – READ more! Perusing any blog or book will assist you with improving order over your jargon, and this is significant! Being tedious in your review can make a bad introduction to the analyst. 
  5. Work on composition – Choose a subject of your decision and start with straightforward exposition and time yourself. Likewise, the most ideal approach to improve is to get your work assessed by somebody who is capable or has effectively taken the IELTS. 
  6. Re-read – It is in every case better to re-read your review prior to moving onto the following area to stay away from any syntactic blunders. 
  7. Feature – The catchphrases in the undertaking to ensure that you center around what you need to do. 

Ideally, these best-shared practices will help you while taking up the IELTS test and improve your general composing abilities.


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