6 Important Steps to Memorize the Holy Quran from Online Academy

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From home, you can easily learn the Holy Quran with Tajweed and Qirat. Only qualified Islamic scholars teach you in a beat way. With time, they change their teaching methods.

Many students want to memorize the Holy Quran bit they have no convincing for Quran memorization.


At that time, online Quran learning is the best option. Memorize the Holy Quran with beat tutors. Here 6 important steps to memorize the Holy Quran online


Important Steps to memorize the Holy Quran online


Adopt the best methods for memorization 

Starts the Quran memorization with the name of Allah. Starting with Bismillah make your learning is better. In the beginning, start memorization with small surahs. The higher you go, the stronger will be your ability to memorize the Surahs. Revise again and again, so the capability of memorization is an increase to repeat the surah. If you read a verse from the Holy Quran, again and again, repeat it.


  • A great intention is necessary for Quran memorization

Make sure that you are attentive to learning and memorization of the Holy Quran. A good intention makes you able to memorize the Holy Quran fast. The purpose of pf memorization is only to get the blessings of Allah. The Hafiz has great respect in the life and afterlife.


In Hadees; ‘Attention shall be judged according to intention’

Insha’Allah with the higher intention, you memorize the Holy Quran fast.


  • Daily base learning with routine is best

Learning the Holy Quran on daily basis is best as compare to two or three day’s classes. Fix the timing of revise your lessons and make it possible for you to memorize quickly. The small girls mostly choose the Female Quran tutors because they communicate easily instead of male. Make a routine and start the Memorization with small surahs and verses. Insha’Allah as soon as possible you will be hafiz. A qualified tutor of an online academy with technical methods makes it easy for you.


  • Set timing, Morning is the best time for Quran memorization 

Set the day or night timing for the online classes. For memorization, the morning time is best instead of the other, because your mind is fresh in the morning time and your learning capability is more. So always choose the morning time for recitation and memorization.


  • Open your imagination for this course

Fir the Quran memorization course, open your imagination. Vast imagination is best for memorization of the Holy Book. For non-Arab it’s a bit difficult to learn but Islamic scholars online Quran male tutors and female make it easy for you. Join a Hifz circle for memorization of the Holy Quran with Tajweed.


  • Do a prayer for seeking the knowledge

We are Muslim and believed only prayers change everything. So if you have a real passion for Hifz make sure always Dua to Allah almighty. The Quran also said about the Dua for increasing knowledge. Allah said in the Holy Quran;

“Oh, Allah! Please increase my knowledge”

So prayer is the best way to get the divine blessings of Allah.



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