6+ Benefits of Using A Brilliant Resume Builder In 2021

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According to Glassdoor.com, an average recruiter spends only about 6 seconds to scan through a resume while screening a potential candidate. Up to ¾ of large companies use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to automatically screen resumes for keywords. Furthermore, 75% of resumes are rejected before they even reach the hiring manager.

You have been applying to jobs like crazy; however, it seems as though all of your applications have disappeared into the black hole of the internet. Are you baffled as to why you are not able to land any lucrative job offers with your resume? We are willing to bet it’s not because you are unqualified, un-experienced, or simply not just good enough. It’s simply because your resume game is not up to the mark.

Fortunately, you can use a resume and cover letter writer in the modern era. This blog is for all the newbies out there who want to nab an interview for their dream job with a freshly polished and customized resume. Stick around to understand what is a resume builder and the ways it can help you get a nod from both the hiring manager and stonewalling the software bot.

Resume And Cover Letter Builder: A Quick Overview

Resume builders are interactive online software that often constitutes an automated process in which you choose a template and input your information. The tool asks a series of questions and takes the information you provide to generate an impeccable resume for you.

Most online resume builders will help you create a resume for free; however, not all of them offer the same features. In some cases, you will even be provided with the option to create a cover letter as well.

To get your hands on an incredible resume, all you need to do is follow the instructions, enter the information, choose a brilliant template, and craft a presentable resume within the blink of an eye.

The Significance Of Using An Online Resume Builder

  • Incredibly Easy To Use

The year is 2021, employers are looking for resumes that stand out in the crowd, the jobs available are pintsize, and the employees are much more in number than the job vacancies. The only candidates that can match the intensity of the cut-throat marketplace competition are those who can produce the resumes as per the employer’s demand.

With outstanding resume builders at their aid, potential employees can explore effortless ways to craft a compelling resume to the specifications of the jobs they are applying for. With the easy–to–use features, most of them are compatible with mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers. This makes them the first and popular choice for most job seekers.

  • Saves Precious Time And Fortunes

If you are hunting for a job, the last thing on your mind will be looking out for an expensive CV designer or the one that takes most of your precious time. If you have good GPAs and you are thinking of applying to the relevant agencies, you will be overwhelmed with a multitude of jobs. So, you need to use an online resume builder.

By using these exemplary tools, you will save yourself considerable reasonable time and money, which you could have spent on outsourcing to CV writers. These online tools can help you craft a remarkably formatted CV in just a few minutes. All you have to do is choose a format and fill in the blanks. The rest will be done on its own.

  • Incorporates Professional Tips And Suggestions

Resumes are documents that are designed for professional purposes. Unfortunately, most job seekers tend to lose favor with their potential employees due to their poorly written resumes. Intriguingly, this situation can be easily avoided with the use of resumes and cover letter builders. Most of these tools incorporate professional tips and suggestions that can help applicants with relevant information.

These tips are usually compiled by professional recruiters and employers all around the world and will certainly get the attention of the interview panel.

  • Direct And Straight To The Point

Do you know recruiters consider candidates with a professionally written resume to be worth seven percent more than those with a self-written resume? Employers might not be patient enough to sort through the clutter found in most CVs.

When you use a resume builder, all the information on your resume will be straight to the point without any trace of wordiness. There are some resume builders where the design allows users to cut through the clutter and supply relevant information that will captivate the attention of the recruiter straightaway.

  • Minimal or No Technical Knowledge Required

Often, crafting your resume might require you to have essential graphic designing skills. However, to be candid, not every one of us can use the graphic designing tools efficiently.

However, modern resume builders are add-on and plugin-free. It makes them incredibly easy to use without any form of training or prior technical knowledge. Although they might help you perform simple to complicated tasks, they are interestingly excessively easy to operate. Neither do you need to worry about formatting your resume, nor do you need to have prior coding knowledge to create a complimentary website to go along with it?

  • Customizable Templates

Although the number of available resume templates varies by platform, almost all resume builders have a few templates you can customize in aspects of fonts and colors. You also get to choose formats and styles that are best for certain industries. It also helps you update your resume on a regular basis and tailor-fitted for each new position you apply for.

  • Can Be Accessed At Any Place Any Time

A resume builder provides you with the liberty of accessing all the resumes and cover letters securely at any time from anywhere, using any device. This facilitates you in developing a resume on the go, whenever and wherever.

Once you have crafted a highly polished and impeccable resume, you can download it easily in PDF format and upload it directly on the application page of the recruiter. You can also send it via email or print out hard copies and pass it onto your potential employers.

Final Note

The workplace in 2021 is like the jungle, where only the strongest thrive and survive. Only about five out of 250 applicants actually earn a face-to-face interview.

Without much effort, you can get access to a well-organized, formatted, neat, eye-catching resume to impress your prospective employers. After all, you have got a dozen of applications to beat!


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